October 15, 2010

You kissed me like a shark that's sniffing on a snack

I guess because I was sick last week and only worked 2 and a half days, this week has felt sooooo long. Like it would never end. Like I would be stuck behind my desk forever. Torture! But, now it's Friday and I am happy again.

I'm planning on busting out the camera and taking lots of photos this weekend. Not of anything in particular, but I need to sharpen up my skillz - oh, I got 'em - because it's about to be holiday season and ya know I gotsta get my picture on!

I so love Santana Lopez.

Because I am lazy today and would rather be reading YOUR blogs than writing on my own, here are some old posts for you to peruse. A "get to know me," if you will. And I suggest you do.


Sometimes, my cars spontaneously combust
I am incapable of slowing down
I am one of THOSE people who is sort of obsessed with my dog
Sometimes though, I use her purely for my own amusement
The youth of today worries me
I write poetry
Welcome to our humble abode
Pretty much I've always been a badass
I'm already thinking about Christmas. Don't judge me.
I am big fan of this guy
How I spend some of my free time
He leaves for Saudi Arabia tomorrow - I'm gonna miss him
The best party we've ever thrown

Have a great weekend! I start drinking beer at 5.

1 comment:

bananas. said...

yes get your picture on because i'm starting to feel like a freak hauling my big ol' camera with me everywhere.

have a kick ass weekend!

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