October 12, 2010


So while the weather has been lovely and everything outside is still green and flourishing (in Texas, anyway), I spent most of last week cocooned inside my house, wrapped in blankets, thinking I was surely dying. I haven't been that sick in a long time. Actually, I can't even remember a time I was THAT sick - body aches, insanely high fever, sinus passages rebelling against their purpose and refusing to let air in...it was miserable. I missed 2 and a half days of work, which for me, is unheard of. I have taken maybe 2 sick days in the 5 years I've worked at my job, so to take 2 and a half in a week was kind of crazy for me.

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better now, although I still kind of sound like a dude on the phone thanks to the lingering mess of crap in my chest. Big props to Saul for basically doing everything for me last week, short of wiping my feverish butt. He cooked, he cleaned (THAT'S not weird...he always cleans), he fed me Aspirin, and he let me commandeer the remote. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Also, he bought me Beauty and the Beast yesterday! I am so pumped to watch Mrs. Potts and Chip in all their crisp blu-ray-ness. Be our guest, indeed.

Since I was officially an invalid last week, I didn't get to show y'all my new 'do. For my whole life I've had long hair. There was that one unfortunate cut my sophomore year of college, but even that "short" hair wasn't thaaat short - still hung below my shoulders. My hair has always been boob-length or longer. Up until a couple years ago, it was usually all one length, but then I discovered layers and how they made my hair swing, so the last few years my hair has been long with long layers, occasionally with swoopy bangs. Well folks, I was officially tired of the long hair.

My bff Chandra's sister cuts hair, and when I went to her house last week and told her what I wanted, she sucked a bunch of air in and looked at me very seriously. "Are you SURE?" I nodded and told her to start cutting. 30 minutes later, my head felt considerably lighter and I heard her 2 year-old daughter gasp and say, "Woah Mom, that's a lot of hair!" Sho'nuff, I looked at the ground and there was about 8 inches of my hair piled on the ground. I looked in the mirror and had the weirdest feeling - it was like the short-haired reflection looking back at me had always been there. Is that weird? I don't know how else to describe it, except to say that it was just very familiar.

I am SO happy with my new short hair. It's still ponytail-able, but it's healthy and bouncy and so much fun to DO. I've found myself dressing cuter and actually putting on makeup to go to work. It got two enthusiastic thumbs up from Saul, too. I've had long hair my whole life, but it was time for a change.



*The face reflects my attitude toward my location, not my hair.

Happy Tuesday, lovahs!


Melody said...

Love the hair cut! Very cute and natural on you. :)

And I hope you continue to feel better...this sinus infection stuff sucks!

bananas. said...

hot damn you look good! but get rid of that smug because a smile will make you shine even more!

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