December 23, 2009

It's the day before the night before Christmas!

Apparently, as a child, I sang. A lot. I don't sing now because I know better, but when I was little I sang EVERYTHING. I made up songs in the grocery store, I sang my ideal itinerary for the day, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I even once tried to sing the Pledge of Allegiance while standing on my grandmother's hearth. Did I mention I was also dressed like a mini-Magnum PI, complete with tiny white shorts and red hawaiian-print shirt? Because I was.

So when my mom walked into the bathroom one December 23rd MANY MANY years ago, and I was singing while showering (what? bathrooms have the BEST acoustics...don't hate), she wasn't surprised at all. She did, however, totally dig what I was belting out...

"It's the DAY before the NIGHT before Christmaaaaaas!!!"

Now, every year on December 23rd, I get texts from family and close friends with that awesome reminder of my past. The calls in the high falsetto, singing it back to me, really make my day.

It's 9:32am and I have already been hit twice. This is going to be a great day.


In other, not as awesome news, our fabulous vacation is 7 days away and I am so excited I can't think about anything else. Until I see news stories like this:

Plane overruns runway in Jamaica

December 18, 2009

Oh, the Who-manity!

I have had issues getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe because the weather has been so crappy in Houston (although, it did SNOW!), or maybe because SK and I have been so busy, we haven't really decorated the inside of the house, and finally just got our tree last Friday... Whatever the reason, I have just been kind of BLAH.

I realized I was really in a weird place last night when, while listening to a woman who called into the radio station talking to the DJ about how this is the first Christmas she is experiencing without her mom and how tough it is for her, I started bawling in my car. I was sobbing down Beltway 8. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

Today, though, the sun is out. Both SK and I have holiday parties for work tonight. It's Friday. My little brother comes home next week, and the rest of the Texas family will follow a few days later. We only have 12 days left until we go on our spectacular vacation.

I am determined to break out of this funk. Today is the day I stop worrying and stressing and being depressed about all the crap that doesn't matter. I am going to enjoy the sunshine streaming through my office window, and an evening out with my handsome man. It's about time it started looking more like Christmas!

All photos from this Flickr group

December 15, 2009

Holy crap.

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood?

Sign me the F up.

CLICK HERE for the trailer.
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