August 28, 2012

I recommend walking around naked in your living room

Do y'all ever get on a blast-from-the-past music kick?  Right now I am very into Alanis Morissette again.  She carried me through many an angsty pre-teen/teenage year.  I definitely listened to Jagged Little Pill on repeat and screamed those lyrics out in my car.  I totally felt them, you guys.   

God, I loved this song.

So last weekend was one of my favorites of the year.  Why, you ask?  What did you and Saul do?  To that, my friends, I answer...

Absolutely nothing.
And it was glorious.

We've had a busy/hectic/shitty year and this was a weekend where we committed to not making plans and we just stayed home.  Together.  With no one else invited.  Our roommate was even out of town.  It was kind of insane.  I loved it.

Saul started school again this week (well, last week, but he has students again as of yesterday) and we're going to Vegas this weekend for a bachelor/bachelorette party, so a weekend to be alone together and be as lazy or as spontaneous as we wanted was definitely needed.  We went out to dinner on Friday, went to our niece's first soccer game on Saturday morning (hilarious - a post coming on that, complete with pictures), and didn't leave the house after that.  Like I said, glorious.

Vegas is going to be awesome.  It's been 5 (?) years since the last time Saul and I have been and bestie Sarah is coming with so it should be an adventure, at the very least.  Saul will be there with the guys, but they're staying at a different hotel and we're only really planning on meeting up with them on Sunday for some pool action.  The girls are going to a few clubs, which isn't really my scene (give me a dive-bar and a jukebox any day of the week), but anything in the name of bachelorette debauchery, right?  Hopefully, I'll have some blog-appropriate photos to share next week...but we all know the likelihood of me actually TAKING ANY is slim - let's be honest, here.

Anyway...since I'm feeling random, I'll leave you with a few things that are pissing me off this week.  Why the hell not, right?

1. People who get onto the elevator BEFORE I've had the chance to get off.  There is a repeat offender of said grievance in my office building - homeboy does this to me at least twice a week, no exaggeration.    I could understand if he was jumping into the elevator on the 4th floor - why would he expect anyone to get off then?  We could chalk it up to an error in judgment at that point, but noooo - he's trying to get on from the 1st floor.  At all hours of the day.  Maybe at least glance into the elevator as the doors open to be sure no one is standing in there, waiting to exit, before you barrel on in, body-checking the girl inside who is half your damn size.  Fuck you, Elevator Asshole.

2. Meeting cancelers that don't offer up an alternate meeting time.  I'm busy, dude.  I don't have time to play this stupid back-and-forth scheduling game with you.  If you can't make the proposed conference time, suggest a different time/date that you're available.  No, I can't read your damn mind and no, I'm not your secretary.  Also, if you tell me you're going to "pencil me in," know that I am going to think you're "a snooty fucking bitch."
Except, I only used the quotes on that last part for continuity's sake and I legitimately think that about you.

3. People who talk on their phones in the bathroom.  I've discussed this nasty habit before, but it still just bugs the hell out of me.  Just get out of the bathroom with your conversation about your family reunion plans, PLEASE.

Here's to a quick rest of the week and a fantastically fun weekend in the city of sin!

August 15, 2012

Not quite top 5

Do you guys have a Top 5 list?  You know - the 5 people you're allowed to hook up with and your significant other can't get mad?  I've always been a little boy-crazy, but I've never really had a solid Top 5 list.  Also, pretty sure that if I ever did actually encounter any of the people I lust after, I'd be totally speechless.  Forget about some wild tryst - I'd be lucky to say hello.

I had, um, questionable taste in boys when I was younger.  I was definitely a typical teenage girl - walls plastered with magazine spreads of my favorite guys (stapled up, no less...yeah, the parents were THRILLED about that), stacks of BOP and Big BOPPER in the corners of my room, and home-made collages stuck under the clear front of my school binder (shut up - you did it, too).  When we moved from California to Texas when I was 15, I found out that all teenage idols are not equal, region to region.  The dudes I was obsessed with as a teenager were totally the norm in Texas, nahsomuch...

Jonathan Brandis (RIP)
Ladybugs and SeaQuest DSV
I wrote a letter to him when I was like, 11.  I got an "autographed" (pretty sure it was a stamp) stock photo back.  I put it in a plastic sleeve and carried that bad boy with me EVERYWHERE.
I know, I can't handle the coolness.

Andrew Keegan
I was convinced we were going to get soon as we were able to meet.
That hair, that tan, that smile...also, the sweet striped shirt and leather necklace.  Yum.
I definitely had this exact BOP poster on my wall.

Thomas Ian Nicholas
I'd just like to go on the record saying that I loved this dude BEFORE American Pie.

See what I mean?  Questionable...

Saul still makes fun of some of the guys I find attractive now and every time I mention a guy that is in my Top 5, he reminds me that actually I have something like a revolving Top 15 and he points out that I can't ever remember who's actually in it.

He's totally right.

So today, right now, here's my list.  Not all of them are here because they're smokin' hot - some are on because I just think they're funny as hell.  Let's see who agrees with me...

We'll start with the obvious hot guy - Joe Manganiello
If you watch True Blood, you know where I'm coming from.  Also, if you've seen Magic Mike, I can't imagine how you wouldn't be on board with this one - his name in the movie is BIG DICK RICHIE, for crying out loud.
*I do think he looks kind of dumb, though.  Pretty face/body, but I don't have a lot faith that there's much going on upstairs.

Another pretty boy - Jesse Williams
I love his character, Avery, on Grey's Anatomy.  And those eyes...yowza.

Josh Holloway
Oh, Sawyer...I miss Lost so much and you're one of the main reasons.
Please show back up on Community.  PLEASE.

Joshua Jackson
C'mon...who DIDN'T prefer Pacey?  Face it - Dawson was a giant nerd.  Pacey was the guy you wanted to hang out with.  Also, dating Diane Kruger just ups his hotness for me.  They're totally beautiful together.

Justin Timberlake
Loved him in N*Sync, so he's basically transitioned from teenage crush to adult crush with me.  He's funny, smart, and a good dresser.  Boom.

Now onto the guys who crack me up...

Jason Bateman
Arrested Development, anyone?  Michael Bluth is my favorite.
He's hilarious.  I love him.  I find him weirdly attractive.

Paul Rudd.
I've loved him since Clueless, and I think he's totally aged well.  Again, so so funny.  Love.

Now onto the guys who are on the fence (pretty sure they'll be devastated to hear that)...

 Joseph Gordon Levitt
Ok, I can't figure this one out - on one hand, he's slightly-less-squinty-dude from 3rd Rock from the Sun.  On the other hand, he's super-dapper-hottie-in-a-suit from Inception.
I know, I know...I don't get it either.

Jude Law
Another internal conflict for me.  Super hot in The Holiday (awful movie, but one I will watch every freaking time it comes on TV, just for him), super brainy in Sherlock Holmes, but can also look dirty as hell and barftastic.

So there you have random, all over the place list.  Anyone agree with any of them?  Anyone have the same conflicts?  Do tell.

Happy HUMP Day

 And, just because I am DYING over this...

Ryan Gosling

all photos from Google images

August 9, 2012

Instagram it
















a. sailing away in Galveston Bay  
b. they partied too hardy on the cruise  
c. dogsitting this handsome dude is easy  
d. my favorite 3 year-old  
e. it's officially hurricane season - are YOU prepared?  
f. i can tell it's summer by your wicked ring tan-line, girl...
g. it's an old-school golf partee ;)  
h. everyday in my office is casual friday
i. if Saul's babysitting, shit's gettin' CRAZY
j. Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita...spicy!
k. boozy besties
l. it's a happy coincidence when your nails match your red Solo cup
m. Seared sea scallops at Hubble & Hudson
n. Jesus is just all right with me
o. somewhere between Ramen and Pho...

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August 7, 2012

I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1 to 3..

So this is just basically a brain-dump of everything that's been going on recently.  Since my last post, things have calmed down a bit, but we've still been super busy, which is just par for the course in the summertime.  

We went to Minnesota to visit some friends (I took no pictures), FACES just had our 6th annual Casino Night ( pictures), we celebrated a friend's engagement (pictures?  nah...), and our 3rd niece turned 1 (not even a phone pic).  

I blame the lack of picture-taking on the fact that I would have nowhere to upload them if I actually did take any - I spilled water on my MacBook a few months ago and I think my battery connection has just finally died.  It won't stay powered on, even when plugged in, so I need to take a trip to the Apple store and get my baby all fixed up.  If you really care to see photo evidence of my life, hit me up on Instagram - cakeene.

In other news, OF COURSE we've been watching the hell out of the Olympics.  I've always been a fan of the US swimming team, and gymnastics just amazes me, but I think I've found my new favorite sport... Track Cycling.

Have you guys watched this?  Saul and I caught it last night and were DYING.  What we gathered was that the winner is decided by a best 2 out of 3 situation, and the races consist of 3 laps around a insanely graded track.  The venue they race in is nicknamed "The Pringle," because of it's uncanny likeness to the chip, which again, DYING.  Also, when the racers get going, they spend the whole first lap in "intense psychological contention," (announcer's words, not mine) which means they go slow as freaking snails until they hit lap 2, and then they just take off.  It is so weird.  I don't understand the reason for going slow to start, but it's definitely hilarious to watch because it just looks like the guy in front is making sure the guy behind him is checking out his butt.

Nice glutes, bro.

The Olympics this year have been really weird in that I pretty much know how everything turns out before I watch it, which is a bummer.  I try to stay off any internet site that might have spoilers, but seeing as how I work in IT and I'm at a computer all day, it's not as easy as it sounds.  Also, my co-workers are really into the Olympics too, so basically everything has been ruined.

However, so far no one that I know of in my office watches Track Cycling, so that won't get spoiled ;)

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