October 26, 2010

Runner runner

(Speed Racer, Messi in a tutu, Batman in a tutu, Bright Blue in a tutu, and Ace Ventura)

Apologies for the shitty photo - result of a camera phone.

I had big plans for the costume, including an eye mask and possibly a cape, but when I woke up on Saturday morning and realized it was 80 degrees at 6am with 90% humidity, I 86'd that shiz.

Like the tutus? Totally homemade.
Also, possibly my new side project...

Time improved from last race, but I am still working it down. My issue is that when I run during the week at home, I only run a 2-mile course in my neighborhood. Upon showing up to a 5K, I am totally unprepared for the 3rd mile. Go me, I know. I am so smart it hurts, sometimes.

The week is already busy, which hopefully means Friday will get here sooner than later!

**A Texas team made it to the World Series! I heart Josh Hamilton, big time. Go Rangers!

1 comment:

bananas. said...

CUTE!!! props for the tutu. that's talent right there.

not a fan of the lakers but don't worry, i don't hate them either. not really a b-ball kind of girl. go figure.

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