December 14, 2012

Anyone out there?

Wow.  Remember that one time when I used to blog often monthly occasionally?  Hey there, October 5th!  Been about 2 months...

I still read blogs all the time (thanks, Google Reader!), but the inspiration to actually write a post about anything has just straight up and left the building.  Not sure why.  I've still got stuff going on in my life that would/could be blog-worthy - concerts, holiday stuff, parties, getting drunk on the reg...y'know, the usual.  But every time something like that happens, I don't think to write about it and then when I do think about writing about it, it's been like 3 weeks and (let's be honest, a lot of wine has been consumed in those weeks) the details are kind of hazy.  Meh.

If you're interested in knowing what's been going on in my life recently, you'd have better luck checking me out on one of the following:



(although, I kind of don't really understand how Twitter works and most of my stuff is a repeat of what I just InstaGrammed...)

I won't share my Facebook because I have rules about only being FB friends with people I have actually met.  I will, however, 100% accept your friend-request if we've spoken at a party for 5 seconds, even though I will most likely never see you again.  We just hugged!  Real-life friends!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  
I probably won't be back here until sometime in 2013 - peace out!

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