November 9, 2007

Overheard in Barnes & Noble

Scene: I am standing at the "Christmas Ideas" book table, looking through a book about snowflakes by some guy who apparently collected a shitload and then found a way to keep them frozen long enough to shine multicolored lights through them to illustrate how amazingly complex they are. Enter 2 Teenage Girls. They stop at the same table, and are on my right. One points to a book about the Kennedy family...Action.

Girl 1: “Do you think he’s hot?”

Girl 2: “Who?”

Girl 1: “Him. That Kennedy guy. JFK or whatever.”

Girl 2: “Gaaawd NO! Is he supposed to be hot?”

Girl 1: “I guess. He was back in the day.”

Girl 2: “Gross! Maybe he’s hot now though. You know, like one of those guys that gets hotter when he gets old.”

Girl 1: “Yeah, maybe.”

--Teenage Girl 2 catches me staring at them, with my mouth hanging open in utter disbelief.—

Girl 2: “What?”

Me: “Ummm, you know he’s dead now.”

Girl 1: “Really? I thought he was in movies and stuff.”

Me: “Um, no. There have been movies made ABOUT him. He was President.”

Girls 1 & 2: “REALLY?!”

1 comment:

KAREN! said...

this is HILARIOUS. so is the bella post

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