November 17, 2011

Well, hello...

So obviously things have been busy since last time we met...

Halloween was a cluster - ask any of us that went out together that night if we actually remember coming home.  That would be a resounding NO.  Saul and I went towards the city, to the Washington area, to meet up with some friends.  

**I'd like to make it clear that this is not an area of the city that we ever go to, except when I am out for a Bachelorette party.  It's a fun strip in the afternoon, but come sundown, the creepers come a'crawlin'.  Basically it's a giant meat-market - lots of muscled-up dudes, short-skirted chicks, and fake IDs.  Not my scene.

Saul dressed as a yodeler, which was awesome for 2 reasons, the first being that HE WAS A FUCKING YODELER, and the second being that he actually already owned everything he wore, down to the feathered cap.  And let me just tell you, that shit looked authentic.

I had no clue what to dress as, so I just took a bunch of crap down with me, and ended up with a crazy bronzed face, sweatband and track suit.  Call me a Guido!  

I found receipts from bars I had literally no recollection of going to, and vaguely remember eating a taco on the street in front of El Rey.  The boys got kicked out of a bar, apparently.  

We felt awesome the next day.
It was a good time, though, I'm sure.

2 days later, life imploded when we were presented with the news that Saul's dad has pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed Wednesday and was in surgery on Monday, undergoing the famed Whipple procedure to extract the tumor residing on his pancreas.  The doctors have all been really optimistic, telling him that as far as pancreatic cancer diagnoses/prognoses go, this is pretty much a best case scenario.  Needless to say, this rocked our world.

We've been going back and forth to the hospital each day to visit.  He was completely sedated and on a ventilator to regulate his oxygen intake for 6 full days after the surgery.  The breathing tube came out Monday morning and he is becoming more lucid and coherent each day.  His lungs and heart are in excellent condition, which is great because he's got a hell of a road in front of him.  He's still in ICU, being monitored, hopefully getting transferred to a room on a normal floor tonight or tomorrow.  Once that happens we'll all find out more about his recovery and status of the cancer.

Maybe it seems strange to some that this doesn't get it's own post, but I couldn't bring myself to treat this news that way.  To me, cancer is like someone who blows up a shopping mall just so they can get on TV.  I won't give it that attention.  Yes, it is a reality in our lives now.  Yes, we do have to live with the possibilities and uncertainty it presents.  It's scary and unfair and really fucking pisses me off.

I debated even writing about it all, but honestly, it's been what we've been living the last 2 weeks.  Also because I know that while I am not known in the blogging world, I do have a few regular commenters and any good thoughts and positive vibes you all can put out there would be much appreciated.  Maybe tell another friend or two.  I don't pray much, but I don't discount the power of it.

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