May 23, 2012

That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool...

So, yet another bloggy hiatus for me.  Pretty much that's how I roll - I'll get on a semi-decent kick, posting at least once a week (is that even a 'kick?') and then I disappear for a month.  Ah well...hopefully you all still love me anyway ;)

I've not got a ton to say today, although lots has been happening in my neck of the woods, so I'll just leave you with a few things I am super excited about right now...

Phillip fucking Phillips.

Do you yet know the majesty of this 21 year-old kid man?  He is basically Dave Matthews lite, which gets me all a'swooning.  He's been a contestant on American Idol this season and you can just go ahead right now and save your "American Idol is soooo lame" because yeah, I get it.  It's crazy over-produced, and the guest performances annoy the shit out of me, so Saul and I basically just watch it on 4-arrow fast forward so we only have to watch the contestants performances/reactions and Jimmy Iovine's (!!!!) commentary.  Because really, who DOESN'T love that snarky, blue-glassed, wisp of a man?

The thing about Phillip Phillips that I looooove the most (no - not his sad little scruffly beard and gross "mustache"...seriously, get rid of that bad boy.  It's been months and it looks no different) is that he's not changed his musical style AT ALL this season.  I hate to use the word "artist" because it sounds like I'm just regurgitating the judge's words, but seriously - this guy is legit.  He doesn't give a fuck if people criticize him for his growly voice and complete disregard for any kind of melody - he just gets out there and sings his ass off, the way he wants to.  He also hasn't sung any real main-stream DMB songs this season, so he's not tried to make people remember him for sounding JUST LIKE someone else.  Bravo, Phillip Phillips, bravo.

Although, your parents were real fucked up for giving you that name and I can't decide if it's the most awesome/heinous thing I've ever heard.

Tonight is the final episode of the season and it will be decided whether P.Phillips or Jessica Sanchez (with her big ol' voice like WOAH) is going to be YOUR American Idol.  This will be his single, if he makes it out a winner.  Dying.  I love it.

The Great Gatsby

Did you read this book in high school?  Are you like me and read it like, 100 times in high school?  Seriously, I was (and still try to be) a total book-worm while I was in school.  I've loved to read my whole life and I had a habit of reading books I was obsessed with over and over and over again.  Island of the Blue Dolphins, in junior high?  Read it over 30 times, no joke.  Great Expectations, in high school?  Read it at least 10 times.  The Great Gatsby was one of my favorites and I've read it probably 5 times SINCE graduating.  I love Jay Gatsby, even if he is a shady, dickish dick (name that movie), and I love how batshit crazy all the characters are.  

I am even more pumped to see Leonardo as one James Gatz...

Happy Hump Day, indeed.

*post title from - you guessed it - The Great Gatsby

May 1, 2012

The fabric of our lives

So every year you're married, your wedding anniversary has a different theme.  Year 1 is paper (money?), year 50 is diamond (bling bling), yada yada yada.

Year 2?


Saul really came through on this one and is gifting me 1 year of professional maid service for the house - YIPEEE!!!  I am beyond pumped that cleaning toilets and baseboards are off my to-do list for the next 12 months. Cotton = towels.  Well played, husband...well played.

I unknowingly participated in the year 2 theme by gifting Saul a pair of tickets to a Dynamo game at the new soccer stadium downtown (tickets/paper/linen = cotton), as well as a professional massage (again - cotton = towel, as Saul pointed out).  So, go me, too.

Anniversary gift success all around.

Friday night, we'll celebrate the fact that after 2 years of marriage (5 of cohabitation), we have not killed each other and are still choosing every day to be each other's person.

May 1, 2010 I said "I do" to this dude...

...and the last 24 months have definitely been full of good times, laughs and lots of red solo cups.  We're classy.

I love you, Saul!

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