July 9, 2008

House photos!

So since I lost our camera in February, I have had to settle for taking pictures with my phone. I took a couple of the living room last weekend and have been meaning to post them so that you all can see where we hang out when we're not at work. Or a bar. We spend lots and lots of time at bars.

I wish I had the "before" pictures of the house. All the walls you see in these pictures were GOLD. Like, gold coin GOLD. It was, um...a little jarring to walk into the house with all the GOLD screaming at you from the walls, "LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! I'M GOLD!!" The color had to go. We spent three days priming and taping and drop-clothing (?) and painting to get rid of it all. I am quite happy with the results. Welcome to to my Mahogany Revival and Fudge Bar home.

This is the living room and kitchen. I am standing to the right of fireplace, in the little hall to the master bedroom. The door out to the backyard is right behind me. SK collects masks from all kinds of places, so we hung them on the wall dividing the living room and kitchen where there is room to expand the collection. On the dark brown wall to the right, hang all of his Pearl Jam vinyl. He's a HUGE Pearl Jam fan and has their albums framed. Makes for cool wall art. And see that HUGE GLOWING MASS in the back corner of the kitchen? That would be my AeroGarden, growing little herbs like basil, thyme, and dill. Too bad it looks like I am growing the pot marijuana in my house.

Here is another view of the living room and some of the kitchen. Yes, we have a knight guarding our fireplace. Wanna make fun? I dare you pick it up. That sucker is freaking HEAVY. The tile around the fireplace is dark and light green marble. It's really pretty, but I hate that it is flush with the floor and wall. Also, the "floating mantle" thing we have going on over there is a little odd. The dark brown wall is a little bare right now...we're looking for something cool to put over the fireplace, and possibly a couple cool prints to fill the space next to the knight. I hate white space on walls. Even if the walls aren't white. I can't handle it. The other big light spot in the picture? That's our front door, not more pot-growing.

More photos coming soon. Or, whenever I get around to taking them and loading them onto the computer.


KAREN! said...

how about faux taxidermy over the fireplace? http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=32631

i'm (going to try to) make something out of paper mache to hang in my lodge-y great room in my cottage. i'm hoping i can do a deer head and antlers and then paint it all pink!

Sorrelle said...

It's AMAZING!!! Very cool mask. I have a few to donate to the collection if you like. Trying to get rid of my moms...they scare me!

So phone date...sat??? or maybe friday night???

Sorrelle said...

I noticed your Twitter and I am seeing my very own E.C. He even shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight, well the tv light.

Melody said...

Very nice!

I have always been "afraid" of dark brown walls, but I absolutely love it in your house! Now if I can just convince my husband... =)

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