October 19, 2010

I've had 2 mochaccinos today, I totally feel like ralphing

Saul decided that since, as a wedding gift, we received a coffee maker with an automatic starter thingy on it, we should start making the java in the mornings. You guys, I was 2 cups deep before 8am. My heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest and I am literally holding onto my desk so I don't shoot out of my chair and through my office ceiling. Me and coffee? Not friends.

The weekend was one of friends and food and fun (not as many photos as I'd like, since the camera ran out of batteries and I kept forgetting to load it up before I left the house, so pretty much every time I turned it on to snap a picture, it shut right back down. FML.). Friday night we went to the bar that's within walking distance of our casa (I'd be lying if I said it wasn't something we were TOTALLY stoked about when we bought the house) and had a celebratory (legal) beer with my newly 21 year-old cousin. I've been drinking with the girl since she was 18, but it was nice to actually be out with her, knowing she wasn't going to get busted for sippin' on a Coors Light. We also might have bought her some shots. Maybe.

Saturday was lazy. Watched a lot of football and laid around on the couch, still sneezing my head off from dang allergies. Saul had work to do, so I finally ventured out that evening to go share a bottle or 2 of wine with the bff, Chandra. We watched a few hours of Jersey Shore, laughed a lot and finally, when my eyes were so itchy and red they were swelling shut on me, I called it a night.

Sunday, I took Bella out to Saul's soccer game where I spent more time keeping an eye on her, making sure the little kids petting her didn't do anything to make her go crazy and start barking at them or something, than I did watching the game. I don't know why I get nervous - maybe because she is just so big - but she is great with kids. She just sits or lays there and lets them play with her ears, pet her face, and poke at her eyes. She never tries to walk away, never growls, never gets agitated. I guess I am just paranoid. Clearly I need to me more dominant and more of a pack leader. I also watched a lot of Dog Whisperer this weekend.

Sunday night we went to the other bff, Sarah's house for burgers and beer. Her husband made the BEST inside-out cheeseburgers. Seriously, they were amazing. Also, they fried pickles, jalapenos, and green beans. Fried pickles are always wonderful, the fried pickled jalapenos were the shit, and the fried green beans tasted - no joke - like french fries. I was in a straight-up food coma that night. Also, I ran my ass off yesterday to make up for it.

4 days til my next 5K. We're working on getting costumes together for this weekend. This is my inspiration:

Photos coming next week.

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

bananas. said...

happy 21st to your cousin!

if you and coffee don't mesh...consider me and coffee full fledge lovers because i cannot go a day without it.

is that batman/girl i see in your future?? ooh la la...can't wait to see more.

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