August 31, 2009


A margarita, chips and salsa with the one you love. Does it get better than that?

*Ignore the fact that we're at Chili's. We live in the 'burbs, ya'll.

August 28, 2009


Sometimes I love Texas so much.

August 27, 2009

Oh, the places you'll go...

Wanna know what we've been up to the last few months?

Little brother Vinny graduated from BMT at Lackland AFB. He looks so grown up, I can't stand it.

...except not so much in this picture here...

We've dog-sat for my parents a few times.
Excuse her dandruff.

SK played lots of soccer in the spring. He coached it too.

SK and Deborah turned 30!
Their party was fun and a lot of friends came in from out of town to celebrate.

My best friend, Sarah, got married this summer, so there were showers to attend.
Like this one...

...and this one...

As you can tell, she had a great time at both.

And then there was the bachelorette weekend...

...and finally, the wedding.

The photo doesn't do her justice - she looked like Wedding Barbie - and it seriously was the most insane party I have ever attended. It was a blast.

My other bff, Chandra, had a baby a few months ago, so we threw her a shower...

...and then this little muffin showed up.

We've been on a few vacations this year.

We've seen snow.

And we've seen the Caribbean.

Little Miss Ryan Irene The Queen has come over to swim a few times.

Also, my momma turned 50, which she was pretty stoked about.

Aaaannnnd that about catches us up!
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