March 29, 2010

Gimme a "K!" ***Updated

33 days til the wedding, peeps. 33 DAYS!

Things are coming together nicely, and even though I only have 2 weekends in town between now and then because I am a scheduling MONSTER, I am confident it will all be great.

The weekend before last was our Stock the Bar party, and despite my best efforts to ditch out, my wedding shower. I am happy to report I didn't die of Bridal Showeritis, and that it was actually quite fun. My best girls know me well, and planned the events perfectly, without any big fanfare or lame-ass games.

The interesting development from that wedding is the crazy obsession I now have with all things monogrammed. Seriously, y'all - I've always liked thinking about my new last name, but now, I am IN LOVE with K's. Is this normal??

Things I am loving right now (imagine they are all K's):

****EDIT: I had a BUNCH of cute monogrammed stuff in here, and I highlighted all the fabulous Etsy shops in which I found them, but when I published for the first time, something happened to my blog design and it got all effed up, so I had to remove the photos to make the world right again. Sorry Etsy'ers...I will show you love sometime soon, when I can do so without destroying my layout. I am HTML-retarded.

Carry on.

I don't remember where this one came from, but LOVE the idea!

I'm not going to lie...I am a little sad to be giving up Wittmann. I can't imagine when saying my new last name will feel normal. I am excited, though, and have been practicing my signature ;)

March 26, 2010

It's 10pm on a Friday night...what are YOU doing?

If I had to guess, I would say you're probably not home reading this minutes after I hit publish. Because it's a Friday night. At 10pm.

Care to know what I am doing this evening?

I had some of these:

and some of this

and brought this home to the pup

all with this guy

Handsome, yeah? I happen to think so ;)

SK has to work a lock-in tonight for the senior class at the high school, starting at midnight. I am going to Austin tomorrow for one of my bff's wedding shower, and I have to wake up at 5am. Needless to say, it's an early night in our household. Tomorrow, though, IT'S ON.

Happy Friday night, lovelies. Hope it's a pleasant one!

*playing with a new app I downloaded to SK's phone...Hipstamatic. LOVE.

March 18, 2010

I'm in a glass case of EMOTION!!!

Seriously, y'all. I felt like I was for like, 30 hours. It was simultaneously the absolute worst and absolute best 30 hours of my life. FOR REAL. I am just now able to process everything that went down, 5 days later.

The beginning of said time frame was Sunday morning at about 11am. That was when I looked down at my hand and noticed I didn't have my ring on anymore.


I know...I felt it all. I had lost my engagement ring.

Let's back it up, though, shall we? One of my good friends from college got married on Saturday night. She was in my sorority, so a bunch of my sorority sisters were going to be there, as well. And a lot of us hadn't seen each other in like, years. Which - durr - means we were all pretty pumped for the weekend and knew that we would likely end up good and toasted at the end of Saturday.

After the wedding reception, we said goodbye to the bride and new husband, and made our way back to the hotel where all 20something of us were staying. Everyone thought the hot tub sounded like a grand idea ("We're all together again! It's like we're in a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!"), so out we went. I sat on the side and put my feet in, and a bottle of rum followed by a bottle of diet coke was passed around. Sometime either before or during the hot tub escapade, I made the conscious decision to take my ring off and put it SOMEWHERE, probably so it wouldn't fall off and be lost forever in the water. The resulting problem here was 2-fold:

a) I was smashed, which means I had no recollection of this so-called "responsible" move.
b) I didn't tell ANYONE where I stashed the bling. No witnesses. Sigh.

Back to 11am - panic ensues. I am trying to keep my shit together while running back and forth from my car ("check your trunk!") to the hotel room that 5 of us had shared, so yeah, it was kind of a wreck. I will tell you this, though, as if it hadn't been proven to me millions of time already in the past 8 years: I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD. Here we all are, 11am on a Sunday, hungover as hell, cursing the universe for the time change, and they are 100% there for me. Sarah was wading in the hot tub, Niki was battling with the maintenance man to try to turn off the jets in said hot tub, Jessie is talking to management, and Megan was with me in the room, turning over mattresses. After we realized we just weren't going to find it, they stood with me and stroked my hair and rubbed my back and hugged my legs while I stood by the pool, called SK, and sobbed hysterically into the phone about how irresponsible I felt and how sorry I was.

And you know what that sucker says?

"Cheryl, it's ok."

It's OK?!?! How was this possibly OK? I straight up LOST my engagement ring!! The ring HE picked out. The ring HE loved before me. The ring he TRUSTED me NOT to lose.

"It's ok...don't cry. I'll just make you a twist-tie ring with a bead on it, until we can replace it."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am marrying this man. In my worst moment, the time when I felt awful and shitty, and in the moment he really would have been completely justified in just hanging up the phone and not dealing with it, he forgives me and makes me laugh.

Sarah and I returned to Houston after that, and after feeling like I was going to puke for 3 and half hours, I was finally back at home and once again sobbing, but this time in SK's arms. By Monday morning, I had accepted that it was really gone and spent a lot of the day figuring out how the hell we were going to come up with the cash to get a new one.

And then...

...after moving money from our emergency account, working up a plan for the evening and feeling like I was going to puke AGAIN for most of the day, I get a call from Sarah.


After my ears stopped ringing and she took a breath and was able to tell me what the hell was going on - THAT MY RING WAS HIDDEN IN HER BAG!! - I dissolved into tears again. I cried more in those 30 hours than I have in my whole life, y'all.

I cannot explain to you how amazing I felt after that phone call. I felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I was so so so happy. It might seem like something small to be so upset about, but really, it was a terrible feeling so when she called and said that I had been a drunk asshole and put the ring in HER bag - still no idea why on that one - I was so relieved.

The sucker hasn't left my finger since.

My wedding shower and then our Stock the Bar party are both tomorrow, and I am so pumped! It feels like the wedding is actually happening, now that we get to do things to celebrate it with our friends. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked I get to start all the celebrating off by not having to answer the question, "where is your ring?" 47billion times this weekend.

March 7, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

...a whole bunch of people who have been in a whole bunch of movies that I haven't seen. Like, not even one of them. Ok, that's a lie - I have seen "Up," which is the only animated movie nominated for Best Picture, which clearly says something about my maturity level. just won Best Animated Picture! Yay cartoons.

My favorite part of the Oscars is always the red carpet coverage before the show. I love seeing all the beautifully dressed actors and actresses. I also love seeing the fashion train wrecks that show up, and I love love LOVE listening to the short interviews that are given. Blows my mind that people who can be so brilliant on screen manage to sound like complete fucking neanderthals during a 3-minute interview with Sherri Shepherd. Really? It's Sherri Shepherd. The most complex thing she is going to ask during your time together is who you're wearing. Get it together, Hollywood.

It's 42 minutes into the actual awards show and I am still paying attention - HOLY SHIT, Robert Downey Jr., YOU LOOK AWESOME WITH THAT FLOPPY BOW TIE (sickly little mole people? god, i love you) - which means 2 things: a) the opening act was amazing, as anything starring Neil Patrick Harris in a sequined tux always will be and b) Miley Cyrus presenting an award, surprisingly, didn't make me want to hurl the remote control at the television screen (she was kind of funny with her "we're both pretty nervous!" thing...although, Amanda Seyfried looked like she had her shit completely under control, just sayin').

Ok, minute 48...what the hell kind of drugs is Molly Ringwald on?

My favorite dresses

Mixed Feelings

Totally not feeling the shoes. I'm no fashionista, but they look too chunky to be paired with such a light, delicate dress.

It CRACKS ME UP when actresses who are nominated for Best Actress wear gold. Trying to be subtle, much? She looks beautiful, but I just can't get past the "Give it to me!" gold.

I love the top. LOVE. But the bottom? Looks like frosting. Like, messy frosting. I don't know. Not my favorite. Also, not attractive when she has to hike up each side to walk down to the mic to present. Yuck.

I highly doubt I am going to make it to the end of the show, but it's keeping me entertained so far!

BEN STILLER, YOU ARE AWESOME. Also, so many Hitler jokes? I am dying.

All photos via

March 3, 2010

Ok, Go.

This video, found via Geekologie, is amazing. AMAZING, I TELL YOU! My brother and I were obsessed with the game Mousetrap when we were younger, because of the cause/effect sequence of events at the end. Usually, we would just set up the board and then set the trap off without playing all the way through. Immediate satisfaction is what we craved.

This video is beyond impressive and I wonder how many times it took them to shoot before getting it 100% right. My favorite moment is at about 2:40, when you can see all the smashed TV's piled up in the background. I guess I could count and know it took AT LEAST that many times.

Also - 1:50? Beautiful.

March 1, 2010

31 years

Happy birthday to the one who makes me laugh

The one who keeps me sane

My partner in crime

My motivator

The one who helps me realize my dreams

The hippest dude I know

My very best friend

Happy 31st birthday, SK. I love you!
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