June 30, 2011

The RHYTHM of the night...

So remember that time I was in a spelling bee? No, not the one I was in when I was 9 and in 4th grade (which I WON, by the way)... the one I was in a few weeks ago when I was 28.

You guys, seriously - you all need to go out and host drunk spelling bees. It was seriously one of the most fun parties I have been to in a while. Never mind the fact that I drank a whole bottle of wine by myself (I am so awesome), or that I didn't make it to the final round, or that pretty much only Saul and I were wearing the required black and yellow - it was a BLAST.

Saul made it to the final 4, but lost to some chick that bought back in, which is a weird rule at a spelling bee, but whatevs. He was pretty peeved he didn't win the whole thing (first place got an iPod Shuffle and a sweet trophy), but I was proud that at least one of us represented.

The word I went out on? Rhythm. How did I spell it? Rythm. Fuck.

In my defense, I was more than 3/4's of a bottle of wine and like, 7 shots, deep at the time of said misspelling. I thought about the word in my head and declared there to be too many "h's," so I (not so) cleverly dismissed one and thought I was the shit. Bummer.

The setup was super official with microphones and a stool for the speller and name tags. Best moment of the night? While I was up spelling one of the words I got right (booyah!), I see a cop stroll through the party and stand behind the host, who was giving us the words. I froze. Really? A cop at a spelling bee? BAHAHAHAHA!!!! The cop said someone in the building had complained about the noise (we were on an outdoor terrace and really weren't being really loud), so he asked us to be a bit less rowdy or he was going to have to shut the party down. I don't know about you, but "rowdy" and "spelling bee" have never really been in the same ballpark to me... live and learn! Also? It was like 9pm.

The same douche came back a few hours later and booted everyone out, so obvs he was serious. Or bored. Or banging the wretched bitch that called in the noise complaint in the first place. Whatevs.

As is my MO this week, here are photos (iPhone...not the greatest) of the night - or what I was sober enough to capture, anyway.

No talking on the roof. Outside. At 9. On a Friday.

Twinkle lights and coolers full of magic deliciousness called beer...

45 people at the mother f'ing spelling bee.
Note the sweet Hawaiian shirt. Homeboy was in it to win it.

The spelling stool. Also, where you went to go to take the house shot... it tasted like vodka-spiked V8 fruit juice. Barf-tastic, but healthy!

Clearly, I am getting tipsy here. Note the complete lack of focus or specific subject.

Blue Moon in the AM - it will cure all that ails you

Anyone else been to any seemingly dorky, but surprisingly badass theme parties lately?

June 29, 2011

My drive home

I commute 30 miles each way, every day. Occasionally, I have to travel within Texas to meet a client or help with a job, so really, I drive all the fucking time.

Also? I have TERRIBLE road rage. Like, it's awful. And by awful, I mean that I use words in the car that, normally, I am uncomfortable even reading silently, to myself. So you can imagine how pleasant my car rides can be...

Here are a few snaps from my front seat (can you tell I am totally trying to clean out my iPhone photos? an abundance in my "pictures" file just drives me nuts).

The scenic route

My dream home...if only because every time I drive by, I am reminded of California. I think it's the stucco and palm trees.

Rain is coming...

I can deal with traffic on pretty tree-lined roads.

Oh yes...that definitely says 106 degrees. Mother fucking Texas.

Crazy storm last week...it only rained on the west side of the highway. It looked like a bad dream.

Driving to Killeen, TX at 6am. On a Sunday. FML.

Happy hump day!!

June 28, 2011

San Diego Photo Dump

I was in the Mission Valley area of San Diego a few weeks ago for work, which would have been amazing had it been sunny at all (it wasn't), nice and warm (it wasn't), and I didn't have to actually work (I did).

Full 11-hour work days coupled with dinner with clients each night meant I didn't get a chance to see any friends, which is always a bummer, but I was traveling with one of my co-workers that I've known since high school, so we had a good time.

We didn't get to do much sight-seeing, but we DID go to In-n-Out the first night we got into town - I'd been craving a double-double for a solid month...pretty much since I found out I was going to California.

Because I have been just spectacularly lazy the last month or so, here are photos and not many words...

The mothership

Animal Style...the only way to go.

The view from our dinner at George's in La Jolla

La Jolla

Walking along the harbor

Harbor Island

Wish the sky was blue...

Ocean Beach. Hello, lovely.

Hope all has been well in your neck of the woods!

June 3, 2011

Can you use it in a sentence?

I am sooooooo (my iPhone corrects that to "spooking" FYI) tired of getting to Friday and saying, "oh my god - work whooped my ass this week!" BUT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, work fucking whooped my ass this week.

So, in an effort to unwind, I'm doing the most relaxing thing you can imagine doing on a Friday night...

I'm participating in a mother fuckin' SPELLING BEE.

Oh, you heard me.

SPELLING BEE, bitches.

If you just read that and went, what the fuuuuu...? you're in good company because that's exactly what I did when Saul read me the eVite. Will we be judging it? Will kids be spelling? I don't get it.

Turns out, this is a legit spelling bee, hosted by some of our super-smart doctor friends (no medical terms allowed, we've been assured), and we're actually going to have to spell words.

Also, we are to dress in yellow and black.

Oh - and we have to take a shot before each round of spelling.

I am guessing I will last 2 rounds.

Tomorrow, we're going to see our new niece (born 6/1!!), little Miss Henley - or "Pope Henley" as Saul calls her, since she was born with quite the little cone-head.

We're also hosting a birthday party for one of my good friends from high school, so we'll probably have about 15 people in the pool at some point on Saturday afternoon. I'd be super pumped about it, but really I am just super jealous, because SOMEONE has to travel to San Antonio for work on Sunday, so SOMEONE can't party all night with friends.

And by travel to San Antonio for work on Sunday, I mean I have to literally work on Sunday in San Antonio. Balls.

Besides that small blip in an otherwise awesome-sounding weekend, it should be good times all around!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

4 days til San Diego...woooo hoooo!!!

June 2, 2011

So...it's June?!

First, let's start with a list of things I had in my mind to accomplish in May 2011:

1. Finally fully recap the wedding. Um yeah...the one that took place in 2010.
2. Run at least 4 times a week
3. Get wedding pictures up (yep...from the one that took place in 2010)
4. Start cooking again on the regular

Not a huge list, right? Totally accomplishable (is that a word?).

Wanna recap what I actually DID in May 2011?

1. Wrote 2 posts about the wedding, and then kind of left y'all hanging. They did highlight my excellent keg-stand sensibilities, though.
2. I ran 5 times in May. 5 times in 31 days. 13 total miles. PATHETIC.
However, 2 of those times were 5Ks, bringing my 5K total for the year to 4.
3. There actually are a few wedding photos up in our house (hooray!), BUT they are because my best friend took pity on me and framed them for me for my bday.
Newlywed fail.
4. Pretty sure we went out to eat (or ate like complete shit) AT LEAST 3 times a week for the whole month.

Mother eff...

What I have been doing is a) losing my mind at work, b) losing my mind on Pinterest, and c) losing all motivation to blog.

It's getting hot as hell in Texas, so I am going to San Diego next week for work (yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!). Hopefully I'll get to see some old friends, and I will be in a gorgeous place, so maybe that will bring my blogging mojo back (not that I had a ton to begin with...let's be honest, here).

With that, I leave you with a few items from Pinterest that I am obsessed with - seriously, y'all, I could disappear for hours into that website.


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