August 2, 2010

Wet n Wild should pay me

I don't wear a lot of makeup day to day. No, I am not one of those lucky lucky girls who is just goooorgeous without the effort, but I just don't have a need for it. I work in an office where we never see clients. And when we do, we have at least 24 hours notice, so I can come in prepared. I wear tshirts, jeans and flips every day. I rarely blow dry my hair in the morning. Also, I am in the only girl in an office full of guys. Oh, and did I mention we're in the IT business? NERD ALERT.

Because I don't wear it often, I refuse to spend a lot of money on any of the products I use. This isn't to say I haven't spent BOATLOADS on makeup in my life - I buy that shit like it's going out of style and I hoard it like the crazy people on TV. Is that a small skeleton of a CoverGirl lip gloss under all that Revlon? GASP! True Life: I might have a make up problem.

You won't find any MAC or much other -insert other non-drugstore available brand here- in my bag (or large suitcase-like makeup vessel stashed under my sink). Also? I don't really know how to USE makeup, so why waste money on a really expensive something that will just sit unused because I am seriously mystified as to what it's function might be?

I stick to the basics, folks. Blush, mascara, lip stuff. My bag ain't much, but it's mine. Also, I am pretty sure all the stuff below cost less than a week's worth of purchased lunches.

1. Mah Bag.
This was a prize at a jewelry party - I don't remember the game, but it's cute and was FREE!

2. Walgreen's brand Oil Absorbing Sheets
Seriously y'all, these things are THA SHIT. I have a small Japanese grandmother who has an exceptionally round face with GORG porcelain skin that produces so much oil you'd think BP had something to do with it. I inherited everything above except for the porcelain-like quality. The south Texas humidity does nothing to help this situation. These babies DO.

3. Wet n Wild ColorIcon shadow palette in Lust
Exhibit A of my makeup hoarding habit.
If you could zoom waaay in on it, you'd notice the little individual shadows are relatively untouched. I should take this out, but keep it only for one of the shadow brushes that came in it, which is used with #6.

4. Wet n Wild ColorIcon blush in Pearlescent Pink
LOVE this blush. It's such a pretty color and gives my cheeks a sweet pink pop. Makes me look like I am coming from something that caused me to get all flushed without making me look clown-like. Also, there is a bit of shimmer, so it doesn't just sit heavy on my cheeks like some cheap blushes do, and trust me, I know cheap blushes.

5. Nail file
I have these things all over the place - in my car, in every room/drawer of the house, in all my purses... My nails are awesome for a while, and then they grow out and start to crack/snag/break on every possible thing (FLEECE - I've broken a nail on FLEECE!) so these guys are just necessary.

6. Sephora Highlighting Bronzing Powder in Rose
I use this stuff as eye shadow, mostly. It might be sort of 8th grade of me, but it's pretty and shimmery. It's not too loud for my liking. The shimmer factor makes it less useful as a bronzer (see: Shiny Face Syndrome above) - I use Bare Minerals bronzer when I need it, but since it's summer I don't carry it with me.

7. Revlon Stainless tweezers
Obsessed with these. I brought them home and used them on my brows and immediately thought I should go out and buy every single one on the shelves in case they ever stopped making them (hoarders, unite!!), but likely saw something pretty, got distracted and forgot. Time went on and they started getting a bit dull so I started to panic. I don't know why, but I thought maybe I could sharpen them up myself (?) so I ran one of my 100 trusty nail files over the tips and voila! Perfect. Tweezers + nail files = match made in heaven.

8. Revlon LipGlide in #433 and #305
Sorry, the numbers are all I can make out on the sticks. I am FAIRLY certain these are Revlon, though. Obviously, I have had these for a really long time. I don't do lipstick, just gloss, and these are glossy with just enough color. One is sort of gold/champagney and the other (I think it had "Petal" in it's name) is a really cute pink. I am worried now that these might be discontinued...

9. Bobby Pins
I never use these. Remove immediately.

10. Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige + Max Coverage Concealer brush
I used to use nothing but liquid concealer until I was introduced to the wonderfulness that is mineral makeup. I totally heart this stuff.

11. CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder in Creamy Beige
- I am a bit disconcerted to realize my skin tone is BEIGE -
Carrying on...
Raise your hand if you remember the "compact in the back pocket" phase.
*Raises hand*
CoverGirl, I love that the only thing than changes about your powder compacts is the colors.

12. Chap Stick Lip Sunscreen
Stila Clear Color Moisturizing Lip Tint in Mocha
These I actually use every day. Just a swipe of the Stila stick and I am solid for most of the day. This particular stick has been with me since um, maybe the late 90's..? Is that bad? I just use stuff until it either doesn't work, runs out, or I get bored of it. I don't know rules here, people...when do I trash it because it's just TIME?

13. Wet n Wild IdolEyes Eyeliner in Brown
Sephora Lash Plumper Waterproof Mascara in Black
I prefer brown eyeliner - I think black eyeliner looks too harsh on me and I have a serious tendency to touch/rub my eyes when I am wearing makeup and brown smears far less than black.

14. Revlon StreetWear All-Over Pencil in Imagination
Ok you guys, seriously, this guy takes the trophy for Makeup Item I've Had Longest. I think I bought this thing when I was in 7th grade and I was completely obsessed with all things iridescent. Is it wrong of me to say I still looooove this dude?? So much so that I just bought a new one on eBay. Revlon discontinued their StreetWear line years ago and I have just plugged along, sharpening and re-sharpening this pencil until, as you can see, it is seriously almost a nubbin. I use this on my lips under pink gloss, mostly, but sometimes I swipe it on my eyes, too. But only when I am really tan.

Well, there you have it, whether you wanted it or not. I swear to God I don't look like a deranged 4-year old who raided her mother's makeup case when I do apply the above items. I might not be totally makeup savvy, but I keep it under control.

Whatchu got in YOUR bag?

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