August 6, 2010

Oh hi, there you are...

Go it ^

It's Friiiiiday!!

God, Friday - you took your sweet ass time getting here this week.
No hard feelings, though.

This weekend there is the promise of sun, sun and more sun until (ironically) SUNday, so you can bet yer ass I'll be soaking that shizz up. I am 100% unmotivated to take the time to write out what I plan to do this weekend, so instead I'll be 5 and we'll play a quick round of show-and-tell, k? Here we goooo....

Tonight I will go here:

...and drink this:

Then tomorrow, I plan to do this:

...while drinking more of these:

...and then I will sit on my back patio and listen to some tunes and watch the sun do this to my fence:

...while maybe consuming some of this:

(it has been a very long week)

Hope y'all have a happy and relaxing weekend!


all photos via weheartit, as usual

1 comment:

bananas. said...

switch the white wine with red and i'm right there with ya!

hope you did all the above and had a great weekend!

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