August 25, 2010

Seeing red

I am such an inconsistent blogger. I get going on a roll for a while, posting every day, sometimes even SCHEDULING posts to show up a few days down the line just because I am so on top of things. And then, much like every other hobby, I just kind of let it dwindle for a while.

~ Sorry for being a dwindler ~

I am going to a bachelorette party this weekend in New Orleans, and I would be 100% lying if I said I was excited about it. That's a shitty thing to say, I know, but damnit, I am TIRED. I am tired of wedding stuff. I am tired of bridal showers. I am tired of having my weekends continually consumed with other people's activities. I will be fine in a few months! I just need a break from it all right now.
And yes, I get that this makes me a total bitch.

Here's the thing, though: I think it's really easy for people to get all caught up in the Pretty-Pretty-Princess factor of the wedding. No, scratch that - fuck "think," I KNOW it's easy because I've seen it happen to people I would have never in a million years pegged as Bridezillas.

And before you go getting all assumey and judgey on me because I got married this year, know this: I didn't want to do any of it. Of course I wanted to get married to SK, but all the other stuff? I totally could have done without. What mattered to me was having our friends and family in one place to share our love for a day as we became Mr. and Mrs. SK. I mentioned in a post I wrote right after our engagement that we planned our wedding in 5 days, and I had girlfriends calling me all crazy and amazed that I had planned a WHOLE WEDDING IN 5 DAYS. Um, yeah, I did, but that's because our wedding was simple as shit to plan:

Food? BBQ from a local place.
Music? We'll find a DJ one of our friends knows, so as to support local business.
Minister? SK's dad is a Lutheran minister, so he knows a tooooon of them (if I ever get around to detailing out our wedding and the events leading up to it, I will let you know why SK's dad didn't marry us).
Dress? I'll find one that doesn't cost a fortune, meaning under 100 bones.
SK's outfit? Whatever he felt comfortable in.
Location? Outdoor yard at school my mom works at.
Alcohol? SK's best friend owns liquor stores - covered on the cheap.

I had a bridal shower, but I didn't want one. I didn't invite any of my girlfriends except my bridesmaids, and even with them, I told the out of town girls not to come. It was mostly my mom/MIL's friends, which was fiiiine with me. They are all sweet ladies and they gave us really nice gifts and a lot of them I hadn't seen in a while. We did a Stock the Bar party that same evening, which served as kind of an engagement party/couple's shower, since we got engaged and married within such a quick time frame. The Stock the Bar party was a blast, and I am really glad we did that, but again, didn't even invite any out of town friends. My justification for that was, again because of the quick turn-around, I didn't want people to feel like they were coming to Houston every freakin' weekend for something else for the Cheryl/SK wedding. It made perfect sense to me.

Our bachelorette/bachelor parties were on the same weekend and SK vacated the city for a beach house in Galveston with his boys. One of the bff's planned a night on the town in Houston for us girls which was a blast and suuuuper cheap. Maybe it's me, but I just don't think that a good time with your best friends should be defined by the final dollar amount of the night, so when girls just plan event after event and out of town bachelorette parties and THEN you're also expected to attend the wedding? It's just kind of out of control.

Also, on top of gas to get there, a hotel room for the weekend (which we're cramming 5 girls into, thankyouverymuch), brunch one day, dinner one night, a lingerie party for the bride, and drinks/food all weekend, one of the bridesmaids emailed us all on Monday and asked that we "all wear red" on Saturday night. Guess who doesn't own a fucking STITCH of red clothing?



Melody said...

This post made me laugh. It's SOOOO true. I dare you to wear black. :)

Chandra Lynn said...

Melody you and I are totally on the same page - I told her to wear blue!
Xoxo bff - have fun in NOLA! ;)

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