August 26, 2010

Think Thin Thursday **Updated**

Last week I posted about how SK and I are working hard to lose the poundage we've acquired in the last few years - thanks for the supportive comments! It really is incredibly hard for me to stay motivated, especially since I am a "need results RIGHT NOW" type gal. Meaning, I've worked out for a few weeks, why haven't I lost 15 lbs? Irrational? I know. However, I still want to SEE something for all the hard work I've been putting in.

Quick aside - If you're at all like me, when you decided you liked my blog you went back through and read my archives. If you're NORMAL, then you haven't, which means you haven't read THIS and likely don't know why I am a freak and don't just use my husband's name in my posts. I am thinking I might just say fuck it and start using his name. I love his name. Opinions?

Ok, back to the issue at hand - my total and utter lack of motivation.

I need to stay motivated and I can think of no better way than to continually announce to the world that I am working out and eating right. It sounds cheesy, but I am really grasping at straws, here dudes. It's a way for me to feel accountable, and I think it will work. So I welcome you to Think Think Thursday (I think I need a button for this...any volunteers? Or anyone who can tell me how the hell to make one? ***I have a button!!*** Now, how the fuck do other people grab it?), where I will be posting motivational shit every week in an effort to keep my fat ass on the weight-loss track. Feel free to join in ;)


This first edition focuses on vegetables and fruit. Spinach salad with tomatoes, green onion, avocados, and cucumbers is the go-to side in our house. SK is kind of picky about his veggies - hates mushrooms, bell peppers, eggplant, celery (in salads) - all of which I LOVE, so either I have to make a separate side for him because he will literally spend forever picking all of the aforementioned shit out of whatever it is I made, or we eat salad with every dinner, for the rest of time. He'll eat just about any vegetable doused in cheese, which totally defeats the point, so I am always trying to think of ways to switch up the vegetable on our plates. He will, however, eat pretty much any fruit you put in front of him.

Happy Thursday! Just one more day til the more day...

all photos via weheartit


bananas. said...

i have to say it's a good thing i like fruits and veggies. otherwise i'd be as thick as my dogs! ha!

ps. use his name. it always bugs when blogger use initials. i get lost and i can't stand it.

bananas. said...


thanks for making me laugh today.

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