July 30, 2010

Thursday, I don't care about you...it's Friday, I'm in love

Seriously y'all...I am SO glad it's Friday. I am so ready to bust out of this office, it's stupid.

This weekend will be spent AWAY from our house, which will be nice\weird since we've kind of been home-bodies for the last few weekends. Tomorrow I have a baby shower to attend. I despiiiiiiise baby showers. I don't like the games, I don't like the forced conversation, I don't like getting the 3rd degree about when I'm going to have kids...le sigh. I do love the parents-to-be though, so go I shall. Also, there is the promise of beer, bbq and good tunes by their pool afterward, so if nothing else I suffer for a few hours and then get sloshed for free tomorrow night. Wheeee!

Continuing the Dad Bday theme of the week, I went out to lunch with the Pops today. He took me to this hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant that sits almost literally under the freeway called PHO21, which made me laugh and think of Forever21, which then made me laugh harder b/c I wonder if that's the association they were going for when they came up with the name.
By the clientele I observed today, I am going to guess not.

But PHOMYGOD (heh) I am in LOOOOVE with PHO. I don't know if it's supposed to be capitalized like that, but I am going with it because holy balls, that shit was uh-mazing, y'all. I cannot believe I've not had it before. I've eaten Udon, which I guess is the Japanese counterpart to PHO (?), but I've never been a fan of the super thick noodles - really guys, they're thick like a chopstick - and also the egg on top? What the eff is that about?

Mmmmm...PHO goooood...

I think I might try and get SK to go with me for some more tonight.

Happy weekend to all!


bananas. said...
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bananas. said...

that looks like brain stew. HA!

i have yet to try pho but i hear it's amazeballs from everyone.

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