August 31, 2010

Like, for serious...

So the weekend was - are you ready for this? - a total fucking blast. I think I was just in a MOOD last week when I wrote the doom and gloom post about going out of town. My bad.

We road tripped it out of town on Friday afternoon, which is always a good time. The drive to New Orleans (did I mention it was in New Orleans? And that this was the 5th year anniversary of Katrina? You could definitely feel it in the air. A little spooky.) is about 6ish hours from Houston and I was in the car with 4 other girls, 2 of whom I hadn't seen in a few months, so it was really nice to catch up. We pulled into town, checked into our hotel (The W on f'ing nice) and then took our happy asses down to Bourbon Street to meet up with the bachelorette and the rest of the party. We finally strolled back to the hotel at about 5am.

We had brunch the next morning at Little Dizzy's, which, FYI, if you ever go to NO and someone says "meet us at Little Dizzy's!" make sure they clarify WHICH Little Dizzy's they mean, because apparently there are 2 and one of those 2 is really f'ing far from The W and it will take a $20 cab ride for you to correct your mistake. Just so you know.

Being the type of girls we all are, I'll just say that we were feeling NO PAIN when we walked out of brunch at 1:15pm. After a quick lingerie shower back at the hotel, a few Patron shots with some random Minnesota dudes who were in town for a bachelor party, and a cab ride I don't quite remember, we were back on Bourbon, ready to party. Hurricanes at Pat O'Briens were requested by the bachelorette and more than one of the girls ended up walking out of that bar a little doused in red drink.

Speaking of red...because of the early start (which inevitably leads to an early finish), no one ended up wearing the red dresses we all brought (wtf). A group of us took the bachelorette and a few other poor souls back to the hotel around 7pm to pass out for the night. After we got them in bed, it was back out for us, but we stuck to the lobby bar where the bartender generously gifted us with bottomless beers...for free. After dinner at Harrah's (Hurrah's!!) we were in bed by about midnight.

I didn't take my camera, but a few of the other girls did and when they post them on FB I will steal some and put them up here. I can only imagine what they will look like.

We got back into town at 5pm on Sunday after taking THE LONGEST DETOUR EVER up highway 90 because of a 100 gallon diesel spill on I-10, which STILL has the highway around Beaumont closed, by the way. Yeah, 2 days later. Driving is not that hard, people - Start at Point A, get to Point B, don't hit shit. I don't get it.

So I was home right in time for the Emmy's, which I totally enjoyed, and btw - when did Jimmy Fallon get HOT? I mean, woah. I think that dude might have just earned himself a spot in my Top 5. I am sure he'll be stoked to know that ;) I loved a majority of the dresses, but I think my absolute favorite was Claire Danes. She looked beautiful and totally beach babe California with her tan and blond hair. But her acceptance speech for Temple Grandin? "Well thank you HBO, like for serious. Thank you for like, existing." Was she channeling Angela Chase? I get that maybe she was trying to be endearing and come off as surprised and genuine, but to me, she sounded not at all shocked and way too nonchalant. In interviews I have seen, she is so articulate, and on Sunday, she was not. Annoying.

Also, Lea Michele's hair? I want it.


Happy Tuesday, suckers. Just 3 more work days til the 3-day weekend! Who's excited??

~ Random ~

Doesn't this picture make you think of the wish dragon from The Neverending Story (one of my fave movies, btw)? I love it ;)

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bananas. said...

1. love bachelorettes! can't wait to see your pics.

2. didn't watch the emmys...never do but i know who looked good and who didn't.

3. yes it does look like tha flying dog from the neverending story. ps. i have parts 1 AND 2 on VHS. now what!

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