August 4, 2010

Is that the program where puppets live in the barrio?

You guys, Wednesdays suck. I don't know when this started happening, but lately it feels like the world is just taking a massive shit on Wednesdays and oh yeah, HI! I am standing right in the fucking middle of it. Wednesdays are the world's toilet bowl.

And I get it, I get issues are small compared to say, world hunger or children in various parts of the world not getting clean water or how my neighbor's cable went out in the middle of Shark Week (I am 100% not mocking that being a big issue - Shark Week fucking rocks), but it's like I sail along all happy and carefree from Thursday to Tuesday and then BLAM!! Wednesday bitch slaps me so fucking hard I can't see straight. Ask SK - I am no fun on Wednesday evenings.

Also, SK and I have started working out hard core again, and eating waaaay better than we have been the last few months. We've made food rules/bets and one of those - chosen by SK - is no eating chocolate. I kind of blew it off when he made the rule because whatever, it's just chocolate. I don't eat that much anyway and I don't consider myself to have a very big sweet tooth.

It's been 2 weeks and I would cut a bitch for a fucking Dove square.

Cupcakes make me happy but since I can't eat them, I will just look at them...

Oh, you've got to be kidding...

Seriously, Icing?! With the gooey-ness and the dripping? FU.

These could be healthy. I spy a raspberry.

These remind me of the episode of The Office when everyone told Kevin his voice sounded like Cookie Monster.

Ok, these guys are just laughing at me.

Taste the rainbow. You. Not me.

Oh. My. God.

Anyone else obsessed with Sanrio as a junior higher? Was I the only one who owned one of those Keropi (sp?) tins? Yeah? AWESOME.

Admission: I have never eaten red velvet cake. I feel like that's something I should keep secret, especially living in the south, but whatevs.

Hope your Hump Day is not too sucky!

all via weheartit


bananas. said...
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bananas. said...

see this is what pisses me off...i freakin hate cupcakes. yea yea they're pretty and popular but me...i'm not a fan. so tell me why i'm NOT the skinniest fucker?! i mean i should be right? negative.

so while you're shedding the pounds as you drool over images of cupcakes. i'm sitting here with absolutely no desire whatsoever, and i'm getting fat.


oh and yes wednesdays suck...which explains my mood.

here's to a better thursday!!!

bananas. said...

i really need to proofread before i hit publish. lol.

Islandia Lane said...

omgosh - I so heart cupcakes and those look delish! I esp love the painting one - so cute!

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