September 20, 2010

Totally gleeking out

I get really bored with TV shows easily. It's true that Saul and I have recorded entire seasons of a show only to get 3 episodes in and I lose all interest and the show just sits on our DVR, to be erased when we need to make room for the next new show that catches our eye. I'm talking to you, V and Parenthood.

I am really looking forward to a few new shows this season, and we started recording the first of that set last night...

A show with Steve Buschemi as a mob boss? Um, yes please. I remember him best for his role as the wacky guy who asks, "you have a gun in SPACE??" in Armageddon, so to see him as a seriously calculating and manipulative dude orchestrating booze-trafficking during prohibition makes me all kinds of excited.

This show seems to be trying to make vague promises to fill the void in my life left by LOST, but I don't know if i should try and hold it to that standard to start off.

I will likely be left disappointed (because really, nothing can replace my LOST fix), but I am really stoked to see just what "The Event" is. Also, I would 100% love to live in a world Presidented by Blair Underwood. For you True Blood fans, you'll recognize the Magister in this character line-up...not sure what role he plays in this cast, but if I get to hear him shout things like, "I WILL BE REPORTING THIS TO THE AUTHORITY!" I might pee myself tonight. Crossing my fingers...

This one is only new to me, but I am excited about the second season premier on Tuesday.

I watched the season 1 finale last week while it was being replayed on TV and recorded it for Saul to watch, too. He agreed that it was an OK show (I can see myself being REALLY obsessed with this one) so it got the stamp of approval and will be taking up space on the DVR. I will set this disclaimer, though - I was drinking wine while I watched it, so this might all be for nothing...a mere result of an inebriated lapse in judgment. I do looove me some Jane Lynch, though.

Favorite shows? Anyone else into the ones I like?

1 comment:

Melody said...

Yep, definitely a Glee fan myself. And of course, Grey's Anatomy which also premiers this week (Thursday). I love premier week!!

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