September 9, 2010

Think Thin Thursday

In thin news, I've lost 7 lbs since the first time I weighed myself, which was about 4 weeks ago, so yay! I think it might have something to do with my weird food schedule (read: no time to eat) because of work, but hey - I'll take it where I can get it. I promise I am being healthy, I just am eating way less than normal, which is something I needed to work on anyway - it's called portion control, and I was not a fan. I'm all about it now, though, and I'm eating slower and actually snacking during the day, so I never really feel hungry.

7 pounds. Fuck yes.

Aaaaaand in not-so-thin news, it's the first night of football and Saul (his name is Saul!) and I are eating pizza and drinking beer watching the Saints wreck on the Vikings.

Pizza and beer...yum.

It's light beer. And veggie pizza. Hey - LAY OFF I'M STARVING!

And don't lose your mind and call me a band-wagon fan; the Saints are not my dudes. I will always and forever, no matter how far I get from my old stompin' grounds, be a Raiders fan. I loved them when we were both in LA, so THERE. Thing is, I am so over Brett Favre, it's ridiculous, so I am just always FOR the team he's AGAINST. I get that he's done what no player has ever done, but gawd, if I have to watch one more "will he? won't he?" press conference, I will shoot myself in the face.

Also, if whoever is announcing this game pronounces it "New Or-lee-anns" one more time, my ears might start bleeding.

Possible eating disorder and shootings - that's a hell of a blog post, right there!

Happy Thursday

1 comment:

bananas. said...

i would probably hate you for talking that way about my man favre but you followed it with the most beautiful words...

"i will always and forever, no matter how far i get from my old stompin' grounds, be a raiders fan."

music to my ears....and THAT is why i heart you. (ps. i'm a raiders fan if you didn't know)

oh and i thought i was the only one who noticed that about the announcer guy butchering the pronunciation of new orleans. friggen BUGGED man!!!

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