September 28, 2010

Fall Resolve

Things everyone in the world loves about fall - pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin spice potpourri, pumpkin spice kitty litter...

I mean, I all for a sweet carved gourd, but GOOD GOD, I GET IT!

Fall to me usually means 1 thing, and 1 thing only:

Houston weather is a finicky-ass bitch.

This is The Week in Houston. The week when, even though it was 97 degrees and humid as a swamp all last week, the temperature drops to 80 during the day, 50 at night, and the humidity disappears. The week when you remember what your neighbors look like because all of a sudden, everyone is taking walks again. The week when windows are thrown open and it's actually too cold outside to sit comfortably in the pool.

It's a blissful week.

The weather people swear it will last. Make cheap promises of it looking like it will stretch into "the next few weeks," and make punk statements like, "Well Houston, seems like Autumn is upon us! Turn off those AC units and enjoy the crisp air!"

Truth: The Week is just that - a WEEK.

I'm 100% distrustful of The Week. I am the wasteful jerk that continues to run my air day and night, lest I get caught with the windows open the night the humidity returns. And believe me, it will return. It will come back in full-force and the temperature will jump back up to 98 for another month or so. I've been The Week's bitch once before and you can bet yer ass I've never let it happen again.

This fall I am going to try and lead a more fashionable existence and take advantage of the opportunity to wear cuter clothes. My job allows for me to wear jeans, tshirts and flip-flops as my uniform, so generally when autumn rolls around I add a hoodie to my totally stylish ensemble and call it a day. Let it be known that in Fall of 2010, I resolve to not look like the homeless kid in the office. I don't guess that I will venture too far from something like this, though:

Or this

Pretty sure my mom had a sweater like this in the 80's...I'd rock it

And I love this jacket

and this one...good job, Old Navy

Speaking of Old Navy, how cute are these boots? (sing along...)

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Hope wherever you are, Mother Nature is being kind and that she won't flip the switch on you next week like I know she will to us.

What a hoe.

- clothes from F21 & Old Navy -


bananas. said...

BAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG i'm so sick of the pumpkin talk. i get it played that shit our last fall. DUHHH!


i'm sorry though b/c i'm loving the warm fall weather right now. granted cali didn't really have a summer so you can't blame me.

btw i loved your comment today. you're awesome. just sayin.

bananas. said...

and ps.

my long comments to you are a good sign. if i didn't have anything to see they would be more like this...

"great post."


Melody said...

Haha, love the post. I agree! What happens if you dont really like pumpkin? I mean, I tolerate pumpkin pie, but never crave anything pumpkin. I am loving the week, though I too am waiting for Mother Nature to turn on us.

And the fact you mentioned Old Navy? All in the same post? I'm thinking we could definitely be BFFs right now. ;) That jacket (and boots!) are super cute! They just had a big sweater sale this weekend and I got several cute flowy cardigans like your top picture for Fall. Or more likely, Winter, considering Fall does not really exist here.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Melisa said...

fuck summer fuck summer! I roll around in my undies and camis and sweat. so not attractive... bring on the boots & leggings & umbrellas YES! oh and buttery leather jackets just like the one you've posted, mhmm.

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