September 21, 2010


So, about "The Event."

I am so, so doomed. Just 1 episode in and I have no f'ing clue what is going on. The episode ended with a really weird twist that actually was 100% LOST-esque, and I am already getting annoyed by how much I am comparing the 2 shows. I am intrigued, but I think I might drive myself crazy looking for similarities and trying to get ahead of the plot by assuming that since I watched all 6 seasons of one show, I am totally going to figure this one out.

That's a lot for my brain to process on a Tuesday morning.

In other news, I was asleep by 9:20 last night, which makes me feel very old, but also really responsible because I was able to spring right out of bed this morning (even though it was raining...y'all know how nice it is to sleep through a storm) and meet Sarah at the gym at 5:30 to run for a while so we're ready for the 5K, which is in like 12 days or something - OMG.

Also, I am so ashamed to admit I watched some of Dancing with the Stars last night. I was not totally engaged, as I was on my Mac Googling the shit out of "why is my Blackberry so slow?" and "why does my BB Bold suck ass?" because pretty much every time I try to use my phone for the past day or two it freaks out on me and freezes and all I get is the sad little clock face, ticking away at me for like, 10 minutes. I've reset it, I've run updates on it, I've shaken the shit out of it...all to no avail. So, while I was desperately searching for a fix, I forgot to change the channel and the show came on.
A few things:

1. Audrina Patridge has dead eyes. I mean, seriously - she is gorgeous and has a smokin hot body, but her eyes...looks like she belongs in an alien abduction flick.

2. I'd completely forgotten how ridiculously hot Rick Fox was. Good lord, that man is beautiful.

3. I was laughing my ass off at Margaret Cho. I believe the tumble at the end was staged, but her insane Madame Butterfly demonstration in the middle when she got tangled up? I was dying.

4. The smallish Italian(?) judge? What a freaking nut-bag.

Enjoy the 1-viewer boost in ratings last night, shan't get that from me ever again.

Enjoy your Tuesday!
At least it's not Monday anymore, right?


bananas. said...

i keep hearing that the event is a lot like loss...which in that case means i'll probably never watch it.

also missed out on DWTS. i can't really stand that show anymore. it's more like dancing with the pathetic and attention needy. and OMG you just noticed audrina's eyes?! i ALWAYS make fun of her looking-above-the-head dead stare. it's uber distracting!

Sorrelle said...

Perez Hilton calls Audrina "ceiling eyes" and I am questioning your taste Audrina is so not cute and her body....ugh dont get me started lol.

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