September 17, 2010

Think Thin Thursday...a little late

Yeah yeah yeah, I am a liiittle late in posting this, but y'know - sometimes life is just too busy/fun/crazy to blog. I haven't fallen off the wagon. Yet.

I am running two 5K's in October. Two. Some of you might be all, pssshhhh...sack up you weenie! (oh yeah, I just said weenie) But y'all, I am not a runner. I run occasionally. And by occasionally, I mean like, EXTREMELY OCCASIONALLY. I always have these grand plans to wake up bright and early at 5am every morning and put on my shoes, leash Bella up and go for an invigorating run. Pretty much every morning I hit my alarm and roll back over in my comfy bed and think, "I'll really get up tomorrow." Um, right...

I've run two 5K's this year, so the two in October will put my tally at four, so yay me. The first one I ran was in Austin for the 2010 Texas Round-Up. It was the morning of one of my best friend's bachelorette parties so another bff and I ran with the bride while she wore a HUGE sash and veil. It was a blast and the weather couldn't have been better. Thing was, it was in Austin and if you don't know what that means for runners, think small-scale San Fransisco. FREAKING HILLS EVERYWHERE. I thought I might die, but with the help of the besties, finished in 34 minutes. Not bad for a non-runner, I think.

The second one was in California. My whole family was in Lompoc, visiting the rest of our extended family, for the annual Lompoc Valley Flower Festival. My brother, aunt and uncle and Saul ran with me, and I cut 3 minutes off my time, which admittedly I was pretty disappointed with considering it was like, 65 degrees out and the course was completely flat. But, I improved, so woo hoo.

The first one I am running in October is the Race for the Cure and I am taking this one a little more seriously. I know I can finish a 5K in a half an hour, but my goal this time is to run the whole thing - no wimpy walking breaks. I don't walk for long when I walk, but I am determined to cut out the breaks entirely. I CAN run 3.2 miles. I know I can.

The 4th for the year is the Run for Your Life the week before Halloween. Costumes are encouraged. I am running with the bff again and we want to be seen. Ideas??

Also, any tips from you runners out there? I hydrate like WOAH the day before the race and eat a banana or something like that the morning of. I think my issue is that I always start off waaaay too fast. The adrenaline gets to me and I just blow it all out the first mile and a half. I am dying by about mile 2 and consciously slowing down my pace, but I think I am just too wasted at that point. Help help help!

Happy Friday! Pretend this was up yesterday, k?

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bananas. said...

if you start off way too fast, you will most likely tire too quickly. also drinking lots of water is good but make sure you have the energy by eating some carbs with your banana. i usually have a half of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter.

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