July 25, 2008

Got 99 problems, but a camera phone ain't one...

I'm getting rid of the pictures on my BlackBerry. Here you go, Internet--take a peek into my life via camera-phone pictures! The last time I did this was here, when I had the little Pink Motorola SLVR. I think the BlackBerry takes better quality photos, but really, they all come from a PHONE, so whatever. Let's have a look, shall we?

This is me and my man, at Justin and Liz's wedding. They got married this past weekend in Dallas. GREAT WEEKEND! Justin is SK's BFF from college and we try to get to DFW to see them as often as we can. They'll be down in a few weeks, though--you owe us, suckers!

Toby and SK, being in loooooovvvveee at the wedding reception. Ok, so maybe SK is in loooooovvvveee and Toby is just in love.

My new work computer! How trippy is THAT? It's a little green box. With a handle. And blue LED lights that make me feel less like working and more like partying when I walk into my office. I like that it has windows on 3 sides so that I can see all the guts of the little guy. I heart it.

SK trying to sleep, Bella trying to play. This does not make SK a happy boy.

Doesn't this look like it might be somewhere in California, instead of right in the middle of Houston, TX? It makes my heart happy to see palm trees and blue skies. Sigh.

This is the view out my office window, sans hurricane residue. The Texans are a very proud and patriotic people. Flags are freaking EVERYWHERE. They really get off in boasting about how the state flag is the only state flag that is allowed to fly as high as the US flag. Don't talk shit about the war or Bush here--they'll put a boot in yer ass, 'cause that's the American way.

**This is also my 99th post, for those that need a more literal interpretation of the title. It's called reading between the lines, people. Or, deciphering the ripped-off Jay Z lyric.

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Sorrelle said...

Did Saul get a haircut? lookin good S. Tell Saul that I am an amazing spelltress. I was on vodka that day.

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