May 8, 2008

Color me exhausted

We've been painting for the last 2 days to get rid of the awful bright GOLD that covered the inside of the house. We primed and taped and rolled out drop cloths and are finally done.

Thanks are due to my brother and his friend Kevin (yeah, 2 Kevin's...things got confusing) for being our paint bitches for the last couple of days ;) Also to Chandra and Kevin (a third Kevin...I feel like I am going insane) for helping us paint the bedrooms and for edging up all the doors. And, because we were so involved in the painting, thanks to Sarah and Dustin for providing us with food so that we didn't get ridiculously famished and pass out face-first in a roller tray full of paint.

Our house now looks like this:
Revival Mahogany
It's much darker than this...I think the colors on my computer are screwed up

Fudge Bar

***Pretty green color here***
Martini Olive
(I can't find the paint sample online)

Mahogany Revival, Fudge Bar and Martini Olive...I am having issues resisting the urge to lick all my walls.

1 comment:

sorrelle said...

The colors seem very 70s and Zen. LOVE IT!!! Throw in some raspberry, goldenrod, ecru, or lime green. Can't wait for the inside pics.

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