July 7, 2008

Goodbye June

I'm still here.

I just haven't been feeling very vocal lately.

I've been consumed with Mondays through Fridays of hardcore office work, and then Friday/Saturday nights of non-stop house parties. At MY house. Which, don't get me wrong, I enjoy 100%, but it's all just started to take it's toll and instead of sitting down to write when I have a free moment, all I really want to do is collapse onto my bed and cover my head with a pillow and JUST SLOW DOWN ALREADY.

So this weekend, I did.

My Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Chip have moved back to Texas, soon to be followed by cousins Elizabeth and Matthew in a few weeks and really, when I tell you that I couldn't be happier about this I really really want you to believe me and understand the joy this brings me because YAY! THEY ARE BACK!

I spent the whole 3-day weekend with them at my parent's house, hanging out by the pool, drinking margaritas via the spiffy machine above that they bought SK and I as a housewarming gift, and playing CatchPhrase and Wii golf late into the night. It was a weekend of relaxation, shopping, and catching up.

It provided the rejuvenating lift that has eluded me the past month and this morning I woke up, hopped out of bed and declared, BRING IT THE FUCK ON, JULY.


Sorrelle said...

Between your partying I hope you got my voicemail. I think I was bit tired and totally forgot about the time change.

Heidi Thompson said...

What a potty mouth you have!

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