July 11, 2008

Ooohh...so shiny and new!

Thanks to Liz for filling me into the wonderful world that is LeeLou (link to the left). Such cute blog designs! And, they're free! Yeah, Liz! And thanks, LeeLou--so talented and so generous to let us HTML-challenged bloggers use your fun work.

Coming soon: stories of how I know some of the awesome ladies on my "Check 'em out" list to the left. Stay tuned ;)

1 comment:

Heidi Thompson said...

That is too funny! I picked the SAME exact template but can't figure out how to change it to this on typepad.

I think I'll have to upgrade my account and remember that I PAY to use typepad!

Argg. But I love your taste... poppyseed swirl!

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