July 8, 2008

Bordering on an obsession

Last night I received the greatest gift in the world.

Thanks Chandra's** husband.

**I can use Chandra's name in my blog because I know she doesn't care. And she loves me. I have not, however, spoken to the man in her life about using HIS name here. Although I am fairly certain that he wouldn't care and that he loves me, too.

Anyway, last night I got--are you ready for this? Because, really, I don't think you are--THE POWER CORD TO HIS OLD LAPTOP!!

I know, I know...

I just completely blew your minds!

Seriously, though, this is a big deal for me. Two years ago this December, I moved out of an apartment that I shared with a friend from high school and when we parted ways I was in such a rush to get the hell out, I left a whole cupboard full of juice glasses, a shelf of coffee mugs, a box with some spices and photos and a blanket (don't judge my packing), and my laptop power cord.

I tried to contact my old roommate about possibly returning said items, but got a whole bunch of "yeah sure--when I'm on that side of town, I'll drop it all off," and a few "wanna meet somewhere?"'s. I agreed to meet him wherever, just name the place, because my poor little computer was sucking all the life out of it's battery, but he then stopped returning my phone calls. UNCOOPERATIVE.

Eventually, I got past thinking I might see my power cord again and stole my brother's. We had received the same type of laptop for Christmas a few years ago (again...don't judge. So my laptop is old? I love her.) and he was living at home with full access to my parent's computer, and he never used his laptop.

All was right in my world for a few months, and then Bella...

I love her, but sometimes I just want to tie a big red bow around her neck and drive her out to the middle of the country and plop her down on the first wrap-around porch I see with a sign that reads, "Free dog. I will eat your life."

She ATE the power cord. I was so pissed initially that I didn't even consider how bad it probably was for her to have eaten electrical equipment. LIVE electrical equipment. The thing was plugged into the wall when she decided it looked tasty and wanted to sample.


So when Chandra's man's computer crashed and he didn't need the power cord anymore, he offered it to me. YAY!

I am SO looking forward to plugging it in when I get home and getting on the internet all over my house. I think I will read CNN.com from the fireplace mantle tonight.

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