July 30, 2008


This is my 100th post.


I have been thinking for a while about what I would say, commemorating this milestone in my short blogging career.

I thought I could do an "Ask Cheryl!" type post, but I only ever have around 5 people comment on my stuff, so that would be fairly anti-climactic.

I thought about doing a give-away, but again, with the 5 people. Although, that would mean that your odds would be pretty good, so maybe that would entice you to come back and check me out more often. I don't care if you'd only be doing it for the free stuff! Really, though, I don't have a whole lot of extra stuff to give away. Except dog hair. I have PILES of that stuff. Thanks to Bella, dog hair is now the bane of my existence. I could make little dolls out of it and give THOSE away, though... "It fell out of your hair that way!" Name that movie and you'll have my eternal respect.

And no, I won't really assemble hair dolls out my dog's discarded fur. Unless you piss me off, and then there might be some voodoo involved after the assembling. But you'd have to REALLY make me mad**.

So for my hundredth post, since I have nothing special or fun or flashy to leave you with, I will just say this:

Thanks to the 5 of you that read. I appreciate you taking some time out of your lives to check and see what's going on in mine. I've reconnected with some great old friends via blogging, and have stumbled upon some new, hilarious people I hope to call friends in the future. This has been more than just a pseudo-vocal outlet for me, in which I rant and rave about my dog and boyfriend and Houston, over the past year or so; it's helped me find the self-involved, writing-obsessed, complete mess of a closet-dork inside that's been screaming to get out ever since I shut her away after college with the intention of posing as a mature, sophisticated twenty-something that had it all figured out. And you've all nurtured that girl. You've embraced the inner-geek I've been hiding all these years and you've encouraged me to be all the narcissistic chick I can be! Who would have thought that people would think I was funny? Or that I told stories well? You do, and I love you for it.

Thanks for reading. I pledge to post more often so that you have new reading material...often. I can't promise daily, but I do promise to try and not leave gaping month-long holes. Here's to another 100!

**Not commenting makes me REALLY mad, by the way. I thought threatening with my hundredth post would be effective...


Heidi Thompson said...

Happy 100th! Looking forward to the next 100.

Sorrelle said...

Cheers!!! Keep up the good ole ranting!!!

Liz Casstro said...

Fine! I'll comment too...if I must. The LAST thing I need is someone poking needles into a doll that resembles my plain jane self...wow, that would be a BIG doll though. Congrats!

Melody said...

I like your inner geek...and yes, I think you are funny.

Keep 'em coming!

KAREN! said...

i concur with melody-- inner geeks are my fav! :)

Cheryl Ann said...

You guys rock! And you have proved my estimation on how I have about 5 readers. I love you guys ;)

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