July 8, 2008

Sharing too much?

I was just checking out my blog stats with SiteMeter, that nifty little web-tracker to the right, and found that people are finding my corner of the internet through some interesting channels.

People looking for Beatles music are sure to be disappointed when they end up here, as are the people looking for Beatles lyrics, and Beatles facts in general (maybe I could get a little music player or something to spout off my favorite Beatles songs to placate them?). But the ones that have got to be most upset when they arrive at my blog are those searching how to "elf your house at Christmas."


I did realize, though, that people are coming here because they have done searches on specific names that I have in my posts. Now, I understand that there are tons of people in the world with the same names, and I get that someone in Australia searching for "SK" probably isn't searching for MY SK, but they could be.

I use real names in my blog. I use LAST names in my blog. I am realizing now that maybe I shouldn't. I have never asked the boy I socked in the face if I could use his name on the internet. I never asked permission to use real names in the post I wrote about the 3 very special women in my life who inspire me daily to be better and more focused than I am. I just never thought to. I would be flattered if MY name were in someone's blog...I suppose I just assumed that anyone else would be too, and that even if the post wasn't boasting their greatness, that they would know it was me writing, and KNOW it was all written in jest.

So here's a question to you out there, whether or not I have mentioned you in my blogs: how do you feel about using real names in blogs? If it's someone I haven't seen in 10 years, should I keep them anonymous? If it's someone I just met, should I give them a nickname? If it's one of YOU, would you prefer to stay just a nameless character in my life?

I am considering making this change retroactive (until I get some feedback, so HELP!) and going back to fix the names in past posts. I don't ever mean to offend, and I apologize if I have. Please keep reading ;)


Heidi Thompson said...

I think I'm an optimist and think that people would never look for people for negative reasons, so what does it matter?

I use real names but usually just the first, although I never really thought NOT to put a full name, I just don't think I do it. I bet if you read my blog in it's entirety you could piece together first and last names. People post their first and last names when they comment.

I think I'm saying all of this to get to a point... I don't think it matters if you use real names. (Sorry that I am so dang wordy)

Maybe you could put a disclaimer that if somebody wants you to take their real name off, you will do so gladly.

KAREN! said...

i don't mind if my name is used-- it's almost impossible to get ME when you google my name (apparently there's a Karen Smyth who is a whale expert!) but i see your point. Cindy told me that my blog post about her birthday comes up when she is Googled b/c of her last name! my suggestion is to take last names off and you're golden (but personally, i dont care about my name)

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