October 16, 2007

From the SLVR

I was going through the pictures I have saved on my phone and was deleting some old ones. I never carry my actual camera with me, although I probably should, so I am pretty much a camera-phone using fool. Here are a few random frames for your viewing pleasure…

A pumpkin SK and I carved last year for Halloween. Notice the teardrop tat under his right eye. Our pumpkin was a true gangsta. Until, in very un-gangsta-like form, he melted into a puddle on my front porch. Humidity in October. It’s a killer.

My first Texans game. We won! I don’t remember the end, though. Tailgating was brutal.

The Christmas tree at Toby and SK’s condo on Heights Blvd. Toby bought the tree, I helped decorate, and SK was obsessive about picking up the pine needles. The one gift under the tree in this picture is actually an empty box that I wrapped up anyway. I bought SK some new cologne and body wash for Christmas and he wanted it RIGHT NOW…I wanted the tree to look pretty and loved, so I wrapped the box the cologne had been in.

Flowers from SK from a few months ago. I am a lucky girl ;)

This was Wine101 at Central Market, otherwise known as THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. Toby, tired of hearing us say “this tastes like DRY,” and “um, all I can smell is alcohol,” when we would drink his nice wine, gave us tickets to a class that taught us how to smell, taste and grade different wines. It was taught by the CM wine expert and was awesome. There was great food served along with the wines we tasted, and SK even had himself a little Wine Suicide. Ask him about it sometime. It’s Toby’s favorite part of our experience.

This is Bella in the kitchen about week after I brought her home.

This is Bella in the car with me about 3 weeks ago.

This is a shot at the Ghostland Observatory concert in January. I love Aaron Behrens.

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