July 2, 2010

Friday, I'm in Love

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

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1. The World Cup
SK has played soccer his whole life, coaches it now, and even went to Germany 4 years ago to be a part of the action, so yeah, I guess we've watched a bit of soccer in our house over the last month.

Carlos Bocanegra, where have you been my whole life? Sure, your grill is kind of jacked up, but I don't need to see your teeth when we're making out.

Tim Howard, your ears may hint toward the possibility of you taking flight at any moment, but you're a beast and I love you. xoxo

And Luca Toni...sigh. How I have missed you this year. You made 2006 so wonderful. I still wear my Italy shirt and think of you often. Come back, lover...come back.

2. True Blood
Specifically, Eric Northman.
My God, I hope he and Sookie do it soon and get it over with. He is quite amazing. Also, the weird hate-sex between Bill and Lorena last week? WTF, man? Sookie needs to consider making that tall Nordic treat her focus during the evening hours.

3. Sunshine
It's been dreary and rainy here for the past few days, with no promise of letting up anytime in the foreseeable future. I hate hurricane season. It doesn't even need to be warm outside (although it is and humid as shit, to boot), I just need to see blue skies again.

4. 3-day weekends!!
I didn't think my company was going to give us Monday, but yayhooray! I have 3 days of nothing ahead of me. And as I stated above, it's RAINING, so I see lots of movies and wine and lounging in my future...

5. SK
I am pretty sure I devoted my last "Friday, I'm in Love" to him, but dangit - I am smitten with my husband, y'all. As of yesterday we've been married 2 months and I totally dig it.
I love you more than Luca Toni, man of mine.

~photos via moi, or We Heart It~

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Liz Nicks said...

you are doing a much better blogging job than me...my blog sucks lately. that being said. i agree about Carlos Bocanegra...for the love of hotness. and trueblood-eric is looking damn good this season. a new hair style maybe? not sure. but the new guy he sent to help sookie just topped my list. yummy.

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