July 15, 2010

Any happy little thought?

I totally still am used to be OBSESSED with Disney movies. I loved them all and still have a ton of the original-release VHS tapes. Yeah, that's right - TAPES. With the big, white, puffy cases and all the random ads/coupons/junk that came inside. I was so badass as a kid.

I'm not in a great mood today and for some reason, I can't get "You Can Fly!" out of my head. I love me some Peter Pan, don't get me wrong, but holy Jesus this song is driving me nuts. These images make me happy, though - maybe they'll perk you up, too, if you're having a less than stellar Thursday.

Think of Christmas, think of snow, think of sleigh bells off you go! Like reindeer in the sky!

Is it just me, or is Peter looking a bit Beavis and Buttheady here? I think it's the high-arched eyebrow. Manscaping in Neverland?

What little girl DIDN'T want to be Tinkerbelle for Halloween? I never dressed up as her b/c I have brown hair and had an issue with wigs, so I didn't want to look lame. I did admire her sass, though.

God, I wanted to be a mermaid SO BAD. My cousins and I would play Mermaids for hours in the pool. When Little Mermaid came out, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Guess who never got to be Ariel, though? Again because of the brown hair. I was always a sister. So the games slowly became less about "THE" Little Mermaid, and more about her brunette sister's adventures. I too was sassy. And a bossy little bitch.

I always felt bad for the little skunk Lost Boy. He totally got the short end of the costume stick.

all images via Google or WeHeartIt

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Melody said...

Haha, this is totally Ryleigh's movie of choice right now. Sadly, she was slightly discouraged when she sprinkled her own magic dust, tried to jump off the couch, and promptly realized that she "cant fwy wike Tinkubell!" Bummer. I feel her pain. There are those days when it would be great to fly off to Neverland...

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