July 29, 2010

Yaaaaay Dad!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday so he and I went out to dinner to celebrate. SK was at the US All-Star v. Man U game, mom is out of town, which she feels like a big jerk about, and my brother is Air Forcin' it up in Oklahoma.

Don't worry guys - we had tons of fun without you! Bahaha!

Babin's is me and my dad's favorite place, so we went there and ate some yummy Oysters Bienville then Salmon for him and blackened Amber-Jack for me, both with Sauce Piquant. I always bring home at least half of my meal when we eat there, but last night I left it in my parent's fridge. Rats!

It was good to sit and talk to my dad, just me and him. He's a quiet guy and usually when we're all together my mom and I are yapping away so he and SK and the bro hardly get a word in. I still did a ton of talking last night, but it was so nice to have a few hours of uninterrupted conversation with him.

My relationship with my parents has always been a good one (minus a few regrettable teenage years...also, count out the move to Houston), but the way I connect with each of them has always been so different. My mom was/is the talker. Have a problem? Talk it out with Momma. She and I talk at least once a day. Our relationship is extremely vocal. My dad? Not so much. We would go out in the yard and play catch for hours or go to baseball games or wake up early and watch lightning storms. I've always been a Daddy's Girl and always known I can count on him for anything, but our relationship has changed a lot in the past few years. I go to him for advice now, where it used to be just my mom. I love hanging out with him, drinking beer and talking about my life and seeing his eyes light up with pride. I still love to know that I make him proud.

In SK, I see so many of the same qualities I love about my dad, and I feel fortunate to have found a man I know my dad is proud to call his son-in-law.

Happy birthday, Daddy!
xo, Punk

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bananas. said...

i envy your father-daughter relationship. i'm lacking that in my life so when i see fathers doting on their daughters and vice versa, it makes my heart smile.

happy birthday to your papa!

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