July 1, 2010

From the front seat

On the 101 somewhere between Santa Barbara and Gaviota

At the 405/101 interchange at about 6pm on a Thursday...an hour earlier we weren't moving.

The 405 at 5:30pm, just when it started to open up. We were still only going 20 miles an hour. I hate LA traffic.

On I-10, going from Houston to San Antonio. Sometimes Texas is just so pretty.

On 2920, 2 miles from my house. Cloudy afternoon.

My drive home, every day. The flyover from Beltway 8 to I-45, at Greenspoint. Note the Ferris Wheel. Nothing about this drive is whimsical. Except that.

~all photos taken with the trusty BB Pearl or SK's spiffy iPhone~

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