August 29, 2008

6 things (Updated! See end of post)

Yay hooray! I've been tagged!

I have never been tagged by anyone in blogworld before. This is a big moment for me and I am going to revel in it.

I read blogs where people are tagging each other all over the place and honestly, I have always felt a little out of the loop. Like my blog just isn't cool enough to play. And yes, I am blaming my blog and not me directly. I like to deflect blame whenever possible.

But yesterday, Melody tagged me and made me feel cool and accepted and special. Thanks, Melody. You've single handedly given my ego a major boost that will likely last through the weekend, prompting me to feel confident enough to strut around my pool in my bikini (maybe with heels?) while other people are in my backyard, which is not something I enjoy doing lately because I've kind of given up on the exercise and the pounds? Do not fall off easily like they used to, but who cares--I got TAGGED and I am celebrating, so who wants another donut dunked in beer?

6 Random things about moi

1. I get goosebumps everytime either of the following happens: I drive on a high overpass, or when a semi drives by me on the road. Don't know why it happens, as I haven't had bad experiences with either, but sure enough on an overpass or by a truck, there they go. It's REALLY a party when I get passed by a semi while ON a high overpass.

2. I get really irritated when plans suddenly change. Not spontaneous plans (ie: Bar or house? House. No, bar.), but plans that have been planned out, y'know what I'm sayin? I get irritated to the point where I get 4 year-old style huffy and declare I don't want to go at all anymore, now that the plan is different than what I had originally thought it would be. Irrational? Yes. Immature? Very. I've been like this my whole life. I've gotten better at handling myself when situations like this arise, but I don't know how to make it stop.

3. I am very vocal about my absolute disdain for popcorn, donuts, cool whip and gummi bears. If any of the beforementioned snacks are within reach when I am hungry or bored, I will gladly take one.

4. Clearly I am fickle. This is why I have never gotten a tattoo. I can't think of anything that I would want permanently branded on my body. I think most tattoos are beautiful and I appreciate what they mean to the person who has them, but I am just too indecisive to get one. I stuck to piercings - at one point in my life, I had 9. Those are removable, tattoos are forever. Also, a needle jabbing into my skin for an hour sounds ten thousand miles from a good time.

5. My mom thinks I talk to dead people. When I was born, my great gma looked at me and told my mom I was special. Whatever, right? She's my great gma. She's bound to think a great grandchild is special. However, great gma (Dabu) was also a little psychic, or so said the family. She came to live with my mom and dad for a while after I was born to help my mom and dad out, which was nice for my mom but caused my dad to run every single night, running himself down to like 120lbs because great gma was a bit racist and disapproving of the Asian blood running through my father's veins. She passed away that Christmas and a few months later, my mom heard me talking in my room one night. She got out of bed, saw me sitting up in my crib, having a conversation with someone unseen, and she flipped out a bit. Asked me who I was talking to and I replied, "Dabu." Mom went back to bed because hey, great gma wasn't going to hurt me, but kept a close eye out for paranormal shit happening in my general vacinity. I don't remember it, but I wish I did. The closest 6th Sense account I have had that I can remember happened last year, when I dreamed of my gpa. He passed away in '99 and obviously never got to meet SK. In my dream, he shook SK's hand and nodded to me, saying "He's good." I woke up bawling, with a strange desire to get 2 stars tattooed on my right foot.

6. SK makes fun of the way I tell stories and leave voicemail messages. He gives me crap about always having to give a back-story, always making sure that the person on the receiving end knows how I came about doing what I was just doing. He laughs when I do it. I tell him to shove it. And then I come write long stories here, for you all to read ;)

Thanks for listening.

**In my excitement, I realized that I completely forgot to tag anyone else! I'm like the kid that FINALLY doesn't get picked last in dodgeball and is super excited, doing a little happy dance in the middle of the circle, only to realize too late that she isn't paying attention at all and takes the first ball thrown to the dome. I know, I suck and this just goes to show why I shouldn't play these kinds of games.

Tagging: Chandra, Karen, Liz, Heidi, Sorrelle, and Aunt Cheryl (get a blog!).


Sorrelle said...

You and your random elegance. I phone tagged you last evening sooooo whos turn is it... I think mine. Tuesday?

I like the back stories to your blogs, they give me a greater perspective of the origin of a story and the evoloution of you.

Liz Casstro said...

I share issue number 6 with you. Just tonight andres had to jump in and finish one of my stories because I was loosing the audience. Whatever, I like my story telling!

Veggie Mom said...

I remember when I was first tagged--I Was. So. Excited! Great *meme*. I love reading random things about people! BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway that you might be interested in. Drop on by and take a look around!

Melody said...

I totally second your #2 item!! It is incredibly annoying! Sure, maybe sometimes we can be a bit unflexible, but really, whats the point of a plan if you are not going to stick to it?? UGH.

Thanks for sharing and getting so excited about it. =)

Heidi Thompson said...

I am so honored to have been tagged. Now I need to post on demand, aghhh. Gonna make you wait though. It will be great and I'm sure worth the wait!

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