August 12, 2008

Peas, yo

Saying goodbye has never been a big issue for me. I was fine in kindergarten when my mom dropped me off (likely, I scoped out the playground until I found some unsuspecting child that would let me boss them around), I was fine when I got dropped off at camp (again, with the bossiness), and I don't have major anxiety when someone I know is leaving for an extended period of time (sometimes even the bossiest need a break).

Why then, am I starting to feel like I am suffocating? I am about to take a 3-day vacation, starting tomorrow, and I will be far far from the Internet, which means I will have no access to e-mail,, or blogs.


Seriously, the thought of being away from all the funny blogs I read is just about killing me. Notice I said "blogs I read," and not "the very idea of not blogging?" While I am trying to post more often, I'll be honest, the fact that I actually have a solid excuse not to for the next almost-week makes me smile.



Be back soon. Don't do too much fun stuff without letting me read about it first!

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