June 30, 2011

The RHYTHM of the night...

So remember that time I was in a spelling bee? No, not the one I was in when I was 9 and in 4th grade (which I WON, by the way)... the one I was in a few weeks ago when I was 28.

You guys, seriously - you all need to go out and host drunk spelling bees. It was seriously one of the most fun parties I have been to in a while. Never mind the fact that I drank a whole bottle of wine by myself (I am so awesome), or that I didn't make it to the final round, or that pretty much only Saul and I were wearing the required black and yellow - it was a BLAST.

Saul made it to the final 4, but lost to some chick that bought back in, which is a weird rule at a spelling bee, but whatevs. He was pretty peeved he didn't win the whole thing (first place got an iPod Shuffle and a sweet trophy), but I was proud that at least one of us represented.

The word I went out on? Rhythm. How did I spell it? Rythm. Fuck.

In my defense, I was more than 3/4's of a bottle of wine and like, 7 shots, deep at the time of said misspelling. I thought about the word in my head and declared there to be too many "h's," so I (not so) cleverly dismissed one and thought I was the shit. Bummer.

The setup was super official with microphones and a stool for the speller and name tags. Best moment of the night? While I was up spelling one of the words I got right (booyah!), I see a cop stroll through the party and stand behind the host, who was giving us the words. I froze. Really? A cop at a spelling bee? BAHAHAHAHA!!!! The cop said someone in the building had complained about the noise (we were on an outdoor terrace and really weren't being really loud), so he asked us to be a bit less rowdy or he was going to have to shut the party down. I don't know about you, but "rowdy" and "spelling bee" have never really been in the same ballpark to me... live and learn! Also? It was like 9pm.

The same douche came back a few hours later and booted everyone out, so obvs he was serious. Or bored. Or banging the wretched bitch that called in the noise complaint in the first place. Whatevs.

As is my MO this week, here are photos (iPhone...not the greatest) of the night - or what I was sober enough to capture, anyway.

No talking on the roof. Outside. At 9. On a Friday.

Twinkle lights and coolers full of magic deliciousness called beer...

45 people at the mother f'ing spelling bee.
Note the sweet Hawaiian shirt. Homeboy was in it to win it.

The spelling stool. Also, where you went to go to take the house shot... it tasted like vodka-spiked V8 fruit juice. Barf-tastic, but healthy!

Clearly, I am getting tipsy here. Note the complete lack of focus or specific subject.

Blue Moon in the AM - it will cure all that ails you

Anyone else been to any seemingly dorky, but surprisingly badass theme parties lately?


melifaif said...

No. I have not. Unfortunately, I have no life outside of kiddie parks. See? I truly NEED you in my life. Just like you NEED love...I NEED you to resuscitate my theme party bad-ass-ness.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I would totally love this! Spelling bee as an adult?! Why didn't think of this! I'm so suggesting this soon enough!

bananas. said...

rhythm...R-H-Y-T-H-M. rhythm.

i totally woulda won.

bahaha! cha right...i'm so dumb when i'm drunk.

drollgirl said...

a rowdy spelling bee? drunk nerds! HELL YESSS! i think i would do this, but i am kind of shy. i would probably freeze and choke, and i KNOW i would not spell rhythm right drunk (particularly as it took me three tries to get it right for this comment!)! lol

there is a gallery on the west side of town that has a night of scrabble and booze. i am so tempted to go, but it is so far away. and i am pretty pretty shy around strangers. but i can play a mean game of scrabble sober, but not sure how good i would be drunk!

bananas. said...

do i watch game of thrones? YESSS!!!!

you don't know how happy it makes me that you totally caught that last photo caption. we kept quoting the little disabled kid from game of thrones all night! ha! love that show! i just finished it so i'm obsessed right now.

sorrelle said...

I am totally stealing the spelling bee idea. I better see you when you get back to Ca missy.

the nyanzi report said...

this sounds like an exciting thing. i'm trying it out next time with my friends.

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