June 29, 2011

My drive home

I commute 30 miles each way, every day. Occasionally, I have to travel within Texas to meet a client or help with a job, so really, I drive all the fucking time.

Also? I have TERRIBLE road rage. Like, it's awful. And by awful, I mean that I use words in the car that, normally, I am uncomfortable even reading silently, to myself. So you can imagine how pleasant my car rides can be...

Here are a few snaps from my front seat (can you tell I am totally trying to clean out my iPhone photos? an abundance in my "pictures" file just drives me nuts).

The scenic route

My dream home...if only because every time I drive by, I am reminded of California. I think it's the stucco and palm trees.

Rain is coming...

I can deal with traffic on pretty tree-lined roads.

Oh yes...that definitely says 106 degrees. Mother fucking Texas.

Crazy storm last week...it only rained on the west side of the highway. It looked like a bad dream.

Driving to Killeen, TX at 6am. On a Sunday. FML.

Happy hump day!!


J. said...

I have a 25 minute commute, twice a day, every day- AND my job also requires to me travel quite a bit. I can travel around Southwest Oklahoma in my sleep these days, but I am grateful that there isn't much traffic anywhere I travel. I have terrible road rage, and traffic jams cause me to flip the eff out.
By the way, that storm photo is amazeballs. :)

melifaif said...

Yay!!! I love to see you posting more. And I totally know where that house is. I work right by it...it's in River Oaks, right? Off of Kirby Drive. Anywho's....GREAT pics! The rain shot is fabulous. And 106...I feel ya. It's wicked and ridiculous. So now I gotta know...what do you do to keep you on the road so much? And to Kileen, no less? Military something? Spill it lady...I do accounting. Yes. I am a bean counter.

melifaif said...

melifaif@yahoo.com is my e-mail address...hit.me.up!!! I live in Cypress now, but I grew up in San Antonio. And I am now sooooo jealous that you will be working in Honolulu in 2013? Seriously? Sooooo jealous. On the other hand....that gives me two years to forge a firendship to last forever...and then I can come visit for FREE!!!! Bwahahaha...I am half way kidding. Half totally NOT kidding...mean it whole heartedly! So. What are yours plans this weekend? Ha. Have a good one doll!

Lauryn said...

Oh my gosh, that storm looks terrifying! We don't get storms that bad here in Michigan. Mostly just rain with the occasional thunder.

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