June 3, 2011

Can you use it in a sentence?

I am sooooooo (my iPhone corrects that to "spooking" FYI) tired of getting to Friday and saying, "oh my god - work whooped my ass this week!" BUT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, work fucking whooped my ass this week.

So, in an effort to unwind, I'm doing the most relaxing thing you can imagine doing on a Friday night...

I'm participating in a mother fuckin' SPELLING BEE.

Oh, you heard me.

SPELLING BEE, bitches.

If you just read that and went, what the fuuuuu...? you're in good company because that's exactly what I did when Saul read me the eVite. Will we be judging it? Will kids be spelling? I don't get it.

Turns out, this is a legit spelling bee, hosted by some of our super-smart doctor friends (no medical terms allowed, we've been assured), and we're actually going to have to spell words.

Also, we are to dress in yellow and black.

Oh - and we have to take a shot before each round of spelling.

I am guessing I will last 2 rounds.

Tomorrow, we're going to see our new niece (born 6/1!!), little Miss Henley - or "Pope Henley" as Saul calls her, since she was born with quite the little cone-head.

We're also hosting a birthday party for one of my good friends from high school, so we'll probably have about 15 people in the pool at some point on Saturday afternoon. I'd be super pumped about it, but really I am just super jealous, because SOMEONE has to travel to San Antonio for work on Sunday, so SOMEONE can't party all night with friends.

And by travel to San Antonio for work on Sunday, I mean I have to literally work on Sunday in San Antonio. Balls.

Besides that small blip in an otherwise awesome-sounding weekend, it should be good times all around!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

4 days til San Diego...woooo hoooo!!!


bananas. said...

a drunk spelling bee?! now that sounds like pure entertainment. you MUST post pics of your honey bee fitter...also throw one in of you piss drunk while attempting to spell out a word. please and thank you.

drollgirl said...

a spelling bee?!?!? that iS HILARIOUS!!! and thank god medical terms will NOT be included. YEesh! that would make it impossible!

bananas. said...

'scuse me miss...but why aren't you posting?!?!! hope everything's ok...

melifaif said...

Houston, San Antonio....drunk spelling bees?!?! Why oh why in the hell have I NOT hooked up with you yet??? What's the damn dealio? Cypress, Texas...word up!!!!

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