May 14, 2008

Don't cross a woman armed with prune juice

Since both SK's parents and my parents live in town, we see them frequently. It is an odd weekend when we don't spend time with at least one set at their house, which is awesome because personally, I really enjoy hanging with my mom and dad, and SK's parents are equally wonderful people and NO I am not writing this because I know that certain members of the family read this blog and could possibly discuss this later THANKS.

If you created a connect-the-dots drawing of our family's homes, it would look a little like a capital L that fell on it's back, to the left. Deb and Wil are furthest west, in Cypress. Then SK's parents, also in Cypress, then my parents and brother, heading east to Spring. SK and I are further east in Spring, and finally Joel and Rayna are just north of us, in the Woodlands. See? Fallen over L.

This also puts our house kind of in the middle.

Which is why we had Mother's Day dinner at our house. And yes, I will blog about burning the easiest meal EVER. Eventually. When the shame starts to wear away and I feel like I am strong enough to field another wave of it from the laughing internets that will likely be making fun of me.

The whole clan, sans Larry (hangin' out in Beaumont is so much more fun than hanging out with us!), came over on Sunday to eat and play Wii and drink wine and it was fun. Baby Ryan came with and started having some, um, issues in the stomach area and proceeded to WAIL for about an hour after dinner. After discussion about her blocked up backside involving vaseline, q-tips and Caro syrup Wil ran out to CVS to find something to chill her out. He returned, victorious, with prune juice.

I traded this string of texts with Deb on Monday evening:

Deb: So the prune juice worked...a little too well. Let's just say I had to do a lot of laundry today
Me: Oh no! Explosive baby?
Deb: A little bit. About three times
Me: Oh god.
Deb: Yeah. I'd rather clean poop than listen to her scream though
Me: Was she ok today?
Deb: Yeah. Quite happy
Deb: Damn, Wil is bragging now
Me: Mix a little in his next glass of Coke. Bet that'd make him stop ;)

Ryan is going to SO love me when she is in junior high and I casually mention to her friends that this one time? When she was a baby? Her aunt had this blog and she wrote about that one year, on Mother's Day...


R. Kristina said...

Great blog. Great writing!

Liz Casstro said...

I'm still waiting on pics of the inside of the house! I do love the colors though:)

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