May 5, 2008

Closing Time

Today I get the best birthday present EVER (shut up, it's still my birthday).

Well, aside from the Aero Garden with the Herb and Tomato seed packs that my parents gave me this year ("We want your first born tomatoes," says Dad) that I have wanted for forever so that my kitchen counter can be a garden--thanks guys!

Today, I get a house.

This house:

The yard is much greener than that now. Other than the sad, dead grass though, doesn't it look happy and inviting and like it is just begging you to come over and hang out for the weekend?

Yes, I said weekend. We're not stingy about entertaining house guests. Come over for a week if you'd like! All I ask is that you occasionally let Bella out to pee.

We close this afternoon.

We have officially made it through the hell of buying our first house. With the exception of a few minor tiffs, it was pretty smooth sailing for us. Our realtor was amazing and handled everything. We had a blip in the process when a loan fell through, dealt with a PSYCHO seller's realtor who really must be making her client's lives a living hell, and finally found THE HOUSE.

Painting for the next few days. Help wanted.


KAREN! said...

OMG! I LOVE IT! i can't wait to come over when i get back! YAYAYAY! congratulations!!!!!!!

Liz Casstro said...

Congrats on the home... how exciting. I think you should decorate one of the rooms in camels, I'll donate some items:)

Melody said...


Heidi Thompson said...

happy birthday! getting a house for your birthday present really trumps the car I just got for mine.

(my "gift" was coincidental, really)

Congrats on making it through the escrow process! Always stressful! Enjoy and update the blog with pics soon!

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