January 31, 2008


No stiff neck this morning, and I woke up feeling pretty well rested. Whether that is due to the quality and comfort level of the new mattress or the ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE I consumed last night while watching TV is up in the air.

SK woke up this morning making out with the bed, because he is THAT in love with it.

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Liz Casstro said...

Ok, so I read the mattress story backwards and think you are one funny chick. Andres and I were sleeping on a similar mattress for over a year also. It was my first big purchase when I moved out of my parents house and it was in great shape and lasted over 5 years. Till we moved out of our 3rd story apartment and the guys decided it would be easier to throw the pillow top mattress over the balcony from the 2nd floor! Needless to say for a year we sunk into the middle, where the mattress folded in half after the fall. We finally had a Saul moment and tossed the death trap. It did take about a week, but we are happy and Connor has had many sleepfilled nights on it!

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