January 4, 2008

No Junk January

So SK and I have started to realize that to lose the weight we’ve gained in the last 2 years since we’ve met, we’re actually going to have to change our eating and drinking habits.


I know!!

So I welcome you to participate in No Junk January with us. Think of it as a sort of detox without ever having to consume any nasty chili powder/cranberry juice concoctions.

Here are the rules:

*No beer

*No fried food

Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s because on paper it is and that is exactly why it is BLOWING MY MIND. This is how normal people eat year round. I hadn’t realized how gross we were with the stuff we were putting into our bodies until I looked at the stuff I wasn’t allowed to put in anymore. Why would I want to in the first place?

Ok, well…let’s be honest now…a cold beer on a hot day is never going to sound like a bad or revolting idea to me. But I can certainly go a month without having one.

**It is important to note here that wine and liquor are not shunned during No Junk January, however, I am not going to consume either on week nights, and on weekends will only do so in moderation.

The fried food really won’t be too much of a challenge, which is happy and sad at the same time. Happy in the sense that I don’t regularly eat fried foods so good for me, and sad because that means that probably 98% of my weight gain is due to alcohol consumption. Sigh.

We’re doing well so far. We’re getting back into the habit of planning and making our dinners at home, rather than going out to pick something up or just throwing something together at the last minute. Although, even SK will admit, I did some pretty amazing things with plain white rice last week. I enjoy cooking, which is something I NEVER thought I would ever say, and when we have the groceries to do it, it’s nice.

NJJ technically started on Wednesday, Jan. 2, as we were both waaaaaaay too hungover from New Year’s Eve to consume anything on the 1st.

Wednesday for lunch I had a grilled chicken breast with steamed mixed vegetables and boiled cabbage, with water to drink. The deli in my office building is AWESOME. It’s all home cooked stuff and they’re really health-conscious so it’s good for you, too. Wednesday for dinner I made broiled salmon steaks with black bean salsa and grilled potato wedges. We drank Gatorade.

On Thursday morning, I felt healthier.

Thursday for lunch I had vegetable soup and some baked potato chips with bottled water, also from the deli at work. Last night I went by mom and dad’s and had dinner with them since SK was out late at a soccer game. We had pork chops, black eyed peas, dumplings with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, all left over from New Year’s Day dinner mom made (and I missed, due to the hangover). Nothing fried, and mom doesn’t use any butter or oil in her cooking, so I am fairly certain that everything was pretty healthy. With the exception of the meal being loaded with carbs, it was still awesome. I drank water and brought food home to SK.

Today I could honestly feel a difference.

Today for lunch I had grilled catfish on rice and vegetables from the deli. I really need to start making my lunch and bringing it to work with me, but with the good food smells coming from down the hall, it’s tough.

I am not into resolutions, but I am trying to spend less money on frivolous things like deli lunch, and drink more water. I used to be so proud of my body and the way I looked, and now more often than not I hide underneath big sweaters. I always say I will start working out, but I am going to start this self makeover with baby steps this time.

No Junk January, I’m about to whoop your ass.

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