November 9, 2010


I've been gone a while due to being 100% unmotivated to blog.

That might be due in part to the fact that we depart to MEXICO in just 2 days.

No big deal, it's just that while you suckers are sitting at your desks, I'll be in Cancun...

...with 40 of my friends from college...

...drinking it up...

and eating like a queen.

(What? There's fruit in those)

It is going to be INSANE.

My liver is already planning a coup.
Let me just tell you how quickly I will shut that shit down.

All I can think about is getting on that plane and sipping on my first drink of the trip.
Actually, let's be honest - that first drink will likely happen in the airport bar before boarding.

I start packing tonight, which is going to be a debacle, because I ALWAYS over pack for Mexico. I bring waaaaayyy too many pairs of shoes, which is totally unnecessary seeing as how I really only need 2 - one for the beach and one for dinner. I pack a bazillion dresses/shorts/shirts combos, which again, stupid because by the time dinner rolls around this girl is usually too sauced to make a decision, so I just grab the first thing I see. I also bring pretty much every bathing suit I own, which actually, is justifiable in my eyes. Choices are welcomed when I am sober enough to make them (ie - 8am).

Time to wrap some stuff at work, go on some last-minute runs, and drink water like my life depends on it. Because really, it does.

See you dudes next week!


bananas. said...

not even worried about it...i go in february. bledow!!!

haha. have fun chickie!

drollgirl said...

lucky YOU!!! fun in the sun in cancun! i wish i was there!!!

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