November 23, 2010

It's Turkey tiiiiiime....

- sung to the tune of "T-shirt time" courtesy of our friends at the Jersey Shore -

This is my 3rd blog post in November. It's the 23rd.

Guess life got in the way this month.

Or I am lazy.

Considering I haven't unpacked from Cancun yet (we got home over a week ago), you could probably put yer money on lazy...

I will unpack tonight, though, seeing as how we leave AGAIN later this week, so I will need to repack that suitcase for yet another wedding - our final one of 2010.

A ton of our friends got married this year, which has been a blast. Our college was so small (1,200 kids) that we all were really close and when we all graduated and spread out through Texas and other states, it was really sad not to see each other all the time. Getting together for all the weddings has been so fun, and while I am exhausted from traveling and weekend obligations, I will be disappointed when the weddings slow down and we don't all have excuses to get together every month.

So that's what I am thankful for today, as we get closer to Thanksgiving - friends I love like family. Cheers to many, many more good times!

They all look fancy...I didn't get the memo...

Some of my favorite boys in the world...also, some of my favorite photo-bombers

I have no idea what this shot was, but it was phenomenal

Heeyyyyy guys!!! He makes me laugh. A lot.

Tequila shots before 8am? Yes, please!
Note Saul's face...priceless.

Quite possibly the best photo of the trip!

Pretty bridesmaids!

Masonic BOOM, gettin' down. Er, or UP...

Nice balloon hat, Richard.

Dinner our last night there. Easily the best meal of the trip. Amazing sushi.

The bff

If I can't get my shit together and get back here within the next few days, have a very happy Thanksgiving!



drollgirl said...

it's turkey tiiiiiiime?! lol!!!!!

and you haven't unpacked yet?!?! LOL!! i am a TOTAL FREAK and i have to unpack as soon as i get home. i lose my mind if i don't unpack within an HOUR of arriving home from a trip. yup, i am a weirdo.

happy thanksgiving to ya! :)

bananas. said...

DINK life? haha! i live it and live it proudly.

um that drink looks like slime and yet i'm intrigued. i'll take two! or three! haha.

happy turkey day!!!

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