November 17, 2010

Whatcha know 'bout that Mango Tango?

So we're back to the real world after 5 blissful days in paradise. HOLY SHIT, what a vacation. My liver is officially on strike until Christmas (or until next week when we boycott Thanksgiving and head to New Orleans/Gulf Shores for our last wedding of 2010).

The trip was amazing - the resort was gorgeous, the weather was incredible, and being there with such good friends seriously made it perfect. We all have been lucky enough to see each other a ton over the past year and a half due to showers and weddings, but by the middle of next year all of that will have calmed down a bit, so it was really nice to have one huge blow-out where we all spent literally almost every waking moment together.

I took a ton of pictures (none of the actual ceremony, though - wtf), but I haven't uploaded/edited them yet, so I jacked a few from the girls who have already put them on FB.

Enjoy ;)

The gorgeous bride on our first night there

The view from our rooms

First full day - guys getting down on the Dos XX

Turn around, and what's that? Ladies with their Mango Tangos!

Later that evening at the rehearsal dinner. Not gonna lie - it got a little out of control.

The bride and groom

Happy Hump Day, all!


bananas. said...

oh friggen FUN man!!!!! i love the mango tango picture. i want in PRONTO!!! guess i'll have to wait until february when i go...

sorry about the return to reality. that always sucks donkey balls.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Looks super fun!

drollgirl said...

suddenly i am craving DOS XX!!!! and wishing i was at the beach! gah! you must have had the time of your life!

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